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Instructor: Linda Pacini
46:00 min

Altair 2 IQ Designer

This original Altair IQ Designer video is an excellent resource to explore all of the creative IQ features on your Baby Lock Altair 2 to create custom projects. 

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95 % of 100
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  1. 100%
    Learn a lot
    Very informative thank you & where can I find the information sheet that was mentioned?
  2. 100%
    Great skills
    Easy to follow and understand. Amazing what this machine can do. Thank you.
  3. 100%
    IQ designer
    I really needed this as I get confused as to how to use the app and connect to the machine. I learned so much from this. I will play it again so I become more proficient. Thank you so much
  4. 80%
    This was a great class.
    However she mentioned an I Q designer information sheet that was supposed to be attached to the video with a link but I haven't found the location of the hand out. could someone help me find it?

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