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Instructor: Patty Marty
29 min

Altair 2 and Meridian 2 Exploring Auto Decorative Fills

Join Patty Marty as she demonstrates three of the most exciting features, stippling around designs, echo quilting and adding on decorative fills, on the new Altair 2 & Meridian 2.

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88 % of 100
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  1. 80%
    Great to see what you can do now without going to IQ Designer side
    Good info, but a little too fast!!!
  2. 60%
    Content is great but speaks too fast
    For people who are new to embroidery and coming from an old manual, sewing machine - we need slow detailed instructions
  3. 100%
    Great job.
    While I do not have either of those machines, I do have a Solaris 3. I loved doing things with IQ on my Destiny and look forward to learning more techniques using IQ. Great video. Very helpful. Easy to understand. Thank you.
  4. 100%
    altair fills
    she made this so understandable . thank you for the class
  5. 100%
    Excellent instruction for decorative fills used in various ways.
    Excellent video. Very comprehensive, clear and detailed. FYI - There is a section just after the 25 minute mark where her audio is cut out, and other voices come in.

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