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Instructor: Sara Gallegos

Getting to Know Your Baby Lock Presto

The speedy Baby Lock Presto quilting and sewing machine offers 100 built-in stitches and a bright LCD screen; allowing you to select and adjust stitches in a snap. With a zippy 850 stitch-per-minute pace, the Presto makes whipping up a quilt or other sewing project quick and fun! Get started with instructor Sara Gallegos in this class as she walks you through your machine, what it has to offer, and all its accessories!

Video Length: 58:52 minutes

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    Finally understanding a 6 - 7 year old Presto machine
    I purchased this machine after selling a very nice embroidery machine which totally intimidated me. I thought this would be an easier, more basic machine, like the ones I used MANY years prior (I began sewing in 1968). I unfortunately for personal reasons could not attend the unlimited classes from the store I purchased the Presto machine, Lancaster, PA. We then moved out of the area and then CoVid also hit. So for 7 years I have not been able to figure out this machine...Error codes that the Troubleshooting did not explain well... tried another sewing shop (Pittsburgh, PA)that told me to go on YouTUbe since I had not purchased the machine there. You Tube only had the Presto 2.
    This Baby Lock video should be included in every sale of a machine. It helped SOOO much. I went through it for hours one day and now feel like I can begin to sew again and I no longer get the Error messages.
    I had no instruction or did not realize a basic need to keep the needle centered... it should be at 3.5 width for basic stitches. (The width count, which can be up to 7, begins at the side and so center is 3.5....duh.) Sara did a very nice job of explaining the basics and additional capabilities of this machine. Just go through it at a pace that is comfortable for you. Thank you Sara.

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