Jul 12, 2023
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Create an Upcycled Puffer Bag

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Join Baby Lock Ambassador Faith St. Juliette step by step as she upcycles her daughter's puffer jacket into a trendy puffer bag! This project requires you to create your own pattern or source one that will work for you.


Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. Today I am bringing you a fun DIY project your way. It is a crossbody bag that I sewed using you won’t believe it my daughter’s old puffer jacket! The puffer bags are on trend right now but instead of running to the store to buy one I figured it would be fun to make one of my own. Thank goodness my daughter had her old puffer jacket in the donation pile. Using that jacket instead of purchasing fabric saved me money and allowed me to upcycle something which is always a fun challenge. I had so much fun with this project and I learned a lot along the way. Keep reading to find out more.


To sew a crossbody bag you will need fabric flex foam fusible interfacing a sewing machine (I will be using my Baby Lock Accord) thread a zipper and a strap.

Optional Notions a slide buckle a metal keychain swivel hook (2) and D rings (2).

Gather all the necessary materials such as fabric thread a sewing machine and any additional embellishments or hardware you may want to include.


Next choose a pattern or create your own design. Then cut out two pieces of fabric for the main body of the bag two pieces for the lining and two pieces of the flex foam fusible interfacing. I created my own design by cutting the main fabric lining into a rectangle with a width of 10” and length of 8.5” (this includes ½” seam allowance).


As you progress make sure to double-check your measurements and adjust as necessary. You will then iron on the flex foam interfacing to the back of the main fabric per the instruction on the package.


Sew the main body pieces together leaving an opening for the zipper. Sew the lining pieces together and attach the zipper to the main body of the bag.


In this part of the bag making process we will focus on attaching the strap and finishing touches. Fold the strap in half by putting one end of the strap through the ring of the swivel hook and pull it through to the other end of the strap wrong sides facing.


Next you will place the two raw edges wrong sides facing and stitch them together. That should close up the open end of the strap.


Cut two pieces of 2” cording and put them through the D rings. Place ends of cord together and baste it.


With the bag inside out Pin the cord to the sides of the bag making sure it is evenly spaced. Sew the cord between the side seam of the bag making sure to not let the ring sit too close to the seam as not to break your needle while stitching.


Finally trim any loose threads and turn the bag right side out through the lining.


Stitch the open end of the lining together and place it back inside of the bag.


This is a super fun and easy bag to make. You will enjoy the process and even enjoy wearing it more. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope that you have enjoyed it.

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