Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Crown Jewel III Basics - Part 3

If your first quilt is loaded on the frame, but you are trying to figure out how to begin quilting, this class will get you started. There are many ways that long arm quilters use to create the perfect quilt patterns. Learn about using quilt stencils to mark your quilt and an easy method to transfer patterns from books or magazines to your quilt top. See how the laser light that came with your Crown Jewel III will allow you to use paper pantographs from either the back or the front of the quilt frame. See how long arm rulers can be used to create beautiful precise quilt patterns. And you will even see an easy method for creating your own custom quilt patterns that are perfectly sized for your quilt. We will also talk about when the open toe foot that came with your Crown Jewel III will be helpful and show you how you can load the quilt, so you can pull up a chair and quilt sitting down. Note: If you are looking for instruction on using your new Baby Lock quilting frame, you will want to take a look at either Momentum Frame Basics or Pearl Frame Basics class.

Video length: 66:09 minutes

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