Instructor: Sara Gallegos

Destiny - General and Sewing Settings Pages - Customizing Your Destiny

Now that you have your new Baby Lock Destiny, we’re sure you’re eager to get started sewing. Even if you’ve been sewing for years, with any new machine it’s good to have a refresher course. In this class, Sara Gallegos will take you through the first six settings pages on the Baby Lock Destiny. You’ll learn about the basic machine settings like screen, lighting and sound adjustments. Then Sara will teach you how to get the most out of your machine for different types of sewing. By the end of this class, you’ll learn how to customize your sewing settings for the Multi-Function Foot Control, adjust the Digital Dual-Feed System, customize Sensor Pen and Guide Line Marker, and more. When you’re ready for embroidery, check out Sara’s walk-through of the Destiny embroidery settings in Destiny-Customizing Your Embroidery Settings Pages.

This class also applies to the Baby Lock Destiny II.

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