Instructor: Margo Morris

Destiny - Intro to IQ Designer Part 3 - Tools and Artwork Creativity

Design and create custom embroidery designs in IQ Designer using a variety of techniques.  The basis for all embroidery designs begins with artwork.  Use the stylus to draw directly on the LCD touch screen or choose from 30 built-in shapes to create artwork. You can also scan line drawings, color illustrations or fabric, or import jpg images to create artwork. Complete your designs by applying line and fill types and color.  You can even add stippling!  Software is not required.  It’s all done in the machine! 

Finish up this 3 part series with learning about all the other fun tools you have at your fingertips with your Destiny IQ Designer, learn how to apply and customize beautiful stippling stitches, and get more creative with backdrops and shapes!

It is recommended to take Parts 1 and 2 of this series in order, before taking Part 3. This class also applies to the Baby Lock Destiny II.

Video length: 29:50 minutes

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