Aug 5, 2021

Dream Big Pennant Banner

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Add some pizzazz to your next party by creating a unique Banner. Personalize it however you want and for any occasion using the large calligraphy font on the Array. This banner was created to follow the theme of our Dream Big Boho Birthday party!

Download the project instructions and see more helpful photos here.


For each Pennant:

  • 1 Felt Piece large enough to hoop in the 5” X 7” Hoop
  • 2 Cotton Fabric Pieces- approximately 6” X 9” for front and back of pennant
  • Various Ribbons for joining and decorating pennants
  • Decorative embroidery thread to coordinate
  • Temporary Adhesive spray or pins
  • Appliqué Scissors or snips


Creating the Pennant

  1. Using the 5” X 7” frame hoop a piece of the felt.
  2. Place the hooped fabric onto the machine.

Creating Your Embroidery

  1. Download the Dream Big Design Collection and the Pennant design. Place designs onto a USB or Wirelessly Transfer to the Machine using the Palette 11 software or the FREE Design Database Transfer Program.
  2. For the center pennant we used the Boho Rainbow design included with this project. When creating this pennant you will select the Boho Rainbow design-4” size from the USB.
  3. Touch Set.
  4. For the other lettered pennants select the Large Letters
  5. Choose the Calligraphy Font and choice of letter and touch Set.
  6. Rotate the letter/design 90 degrees.
  7. Touch Add and retrieve the saved Pennant design from your USB or Wireless Transfer.
  8. Touch Set.
  9. On the Edit page layout the design as desired. If needed resize the letter appropriately for the pennant.
  10. Touch Edit End.
  11. Add a Basting Stitch to the design. This will allow the first layer of fabric to be tacked down before stitching the letter.
  12. Note Select the Individual thread color setting key to add automatic stops to the design. Without this step your design will continue to stitch. Ensure you have time to stop to add the back layer of fabric prior to the pennant design stitching.
  13. Once placed touch Embroidery.
  14. Assign the colors in your preferred method. The Array uses either Color Memory or Manual Color Sequence. This is also a great time to use the Magic Wand to use the same color for the various steps of the pennant.

Stitching out the Pennant

  1. Place the hooped felt on the machine.
  2. Place the fabric on the hoop. Use a little bit of adhesive spray to help secure the fabric.
  3. NOTE: We are stitching this out a little out of sequence because we are using a design from the machine.
  4. Stitch the Basting Stitch to secure the fabric before stitching.
  5. Next the letter or design will stitch out.
  6. At this point you will want to ensure you have a STOP added to the design OR use the Reserve stop to pause the sewing after this step.
  7. Remove the Hoop from the machine and attach the second piece of fabric for the backing back side of the pennant. Use adhesive spray or pens to secure the backing.
  8. For the Pennant Step #1 is a placement stitch for the background fabric. This is a step that could be de-selected in the Array b/c we already have our fabric secured using the basting stitch.
  9. Run Step #2 this will be a tack down for the pennant.
  10. Run Step #3 this will be the decorative candle-wicking stitch
  11. Run Step #4 which will stitch two buttonholes.
  12. Remove hoop from the machine and remove the project from the hoop.
  13. Using the cutting tool of your choice trim away all excess fabric from the outside of the pennant and cut open the two buttonholes.
  14. Repeat these steps to create the additional banner.
  15. Once all your banners are created use ribbon to join the pieces and embellish.

Looking for great birthday party gifts? Check out this fun project - Dream Big Boho Birthday Pillows! You can also embroider fabric buckets to give goodies and treats to your guests. Or embroidery another type of blanks like soft fluffy blankets in addition to the pillow covers. All great ideas for those sleepover birthday parties! Details here.

Download the free designs here*:

Disclaimer: These artwork and designs were created by Tacony Corporation for use with the Learn and Create projects ( and were only saved as .pes files to be used with Baby Lock machines. You may use them on whatever projects you like and sell the finished item(s). You may not sell the embroidery design files.

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