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Instructor: Sara Gallegos

Dream Big with IQ Designer

Get lots of practice with IQ Designer, setting points, and using fills in this class with Sara Gallegos! She'll show you how you can do this with the Dream Big Quilt Panel by Hoffman Fabrics, which is a perfect canvas to get you comfortable with IQ Designer fills!

This class was filmed on the Baby Lock Solaris but is applicable with any Baby Lock machine that has IQ Designer.

Video length: 47:27 minutes

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    So cool!
    I think this is my favorite! What an amazing use of the embroidery function! It would be interesting to see how to use this to embroider an entire quilt in the same fill.
  2. 100%
    Awesome Video of how to use IQ with Fills
    Loved watching this. helped me to understand how this works. Thank you so much.
  3. 100%
    STUNNING!! You did an AMAZING...
    Gorgeous Piece of Art :) My dear sweet Husband SURPRISED me with the Solaris Vision about a week ago and when I saw this video I just HAD to find that hoop to see if it fits my ROSE~NOEL (I name my machines LOL) and it does! Once I have played with my ROSE for a while, this *must* be my first huge design to quilt in the hoop!

    Thank you so very much, SARA for showing the exact techniques that I want to use!

    Thank you again!
    Sherri L.
  4. 100%
    Really enjoyed seeing how this is done. Went to a quilt show and saw examples and wondered how they did that! Now I understand...Thanks!

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