Sep 16, 2022

Easy-On Apron

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Being a chef never looked so good. Personalize this apron by adding a built-in embroidery design to the pockets. Or you can use these instructions and the easy access free motion mode to create a design of your own. It's such a cute apron everyone will want to be a great cook like you!




Follow all cutting and sewing instruction on pattern with the following exceptions:

Changes to pattern instruction #6:

  1. Cut a lining for each pocket. Place right sides together. Sew a ½” seam along the slanted top the long side and bottom. Leave the short side open. Trim the corners as show below. Turn right side out. Press well.
  2. Use the Edge Joining Foot to top stitch along the slanted top. Place the edge of the fabric to the left of the flange on the foot. Position your needle so it is just left of the flange. The flange will guide your fabric as you sew giving you a beautiful even top stitch.
  3. Cut a variety of circles from 1” to 2 ½” in diameter. Using a glue stick position them on the front of the pocket as desired. Draw a few stems leaves and flowers with a Frixion Pen for more interest.
  4. Use your Open Toe Free Motion Foot with your machine in free motion mode to doodle applique the circles in place. Fill in the leaves stems and flowers. Go over thedesign a few times. Let the lines be free and fun.

Changes to the gathering technique on pattern instruction #15:

  1. Gather the top of the apron using your J Foot. Set your stitch length to the longest length. Set your tension to the highest number. Carefully gather the top of the apron front and back pieces. This is a quick and easy method to gather light weight fabrics. Sew them into the front and back bands as directed.

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