Sep 8, 2008

Embellished Jean Jacket

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Turn a plain denim blazer into a fashion statement by using your Baby Lock Embellisher to enhance the pocket flaps and collar lapels. This quick and easy project will add so much to your outfit and can be accomplished in an evening or an afternoon. Once you see how simple it is to take something plain and make it into something special you will want to do more! Download printable instructions.


  • Water soluble fabric stabilizer
  • Base – very fine material such as chiffon for a stabilizer (this does not have to be silk); strips of 2” silk/rayon velvet length of each component to be covered plus 2” to EACH piece
  • Coordinating fiber such as wool and/or silk
  • Small snippets of yarns/ribbon/silk hankie (optional) in chosen color
  • 1 Purchased denim jacket


  • Baby Lock Embellisher


  1. Place water soluble stabilizer over the areas to be covered and trace using water soluble pen.

    1. Draw another line 1” outside the traced line to allow for shrinkage. DO NOT cut out the pattern.

  2. Beginning with the collar place material onto water soluble stabilizer keeping it within the INSIDE line (this stabilizes your piece and keeps it from over shrinking when wet felting later).

  3. Fold the velvet in half lengthwise wrong sides together and tack the raw edges using the embellisher.

    1. Embellish the velvet along the outside line of the water soluble with the raw edges inside this line.

    2. Silk/rayon velvet is very fine but if the beginning and ends are too thick embellish these areas by turning the wheel by hand to avoid needle breakage.

  4. Pull off small wisps of fiber (wool and/or silk) and cover the remaining areas building up gradually until the background is completely covered.

    1. At this point you can add some snippets of ribbons or yarns. You have more control if you use several light layers rather than one thick area.

  5. Using clear polyester thread in the top and color coordinated thread in the bobbin free motion stitch over the complete area including along the silk velvet raw edge.

  6. Turn the piece over to the wrong side and cut out along the outside pattern line being careful NOT to cut through the curved edge of the velvet.

  7. Repeat the above steps for each of the jacket components to be covered.

  8. Rinse the pieces using warm water.

    1. Pour a small amount of soap in your palm and begin gently rubbing each piece between your palms in each direction until it is lightly felted.

    2. Full by throwing the pieces into the sink about 15 - 20 times. Do not overdo this step or they may shrink too much. Place in a towel and soak up excess water.

  9. Place a press cloth over each piece steam and allow to dry flat.

  10. Arrange the pieces and pin in place. Stitch by hand using coordinated thread and tiny stitches around the edges.

  11. Design a label for your special Embellisher creations and enjoy wearing it! Dry cleaning is recommended.

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