Nov 11, 2011

Evening on the Town Clutch

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Create this little black clutch in a couple of hours for an night out. Using heirloom techniques and the Baby Lock Left Mini Piping Foot this project is constructed fast and easy! Download printable instructions.


  • Left Mini Piping foot (BLSO-LP)
  • 1/3 yard Black shantung
  • 1/3 yard Silver shantung for lining
  • 11 x 22 inch piece of Buckram canvas or heavy weight duck for interfacing
  • Optional large snap
  • 1 yard 2 mm cording
  • All-purpose thread to match fabrics


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine


  1. Cut an 11” x 22” from both black and silver fabrics.

  2. Using the leftover silver lining piece cut three pieces of bias 1 ¼” wide by at least 12” long.

    1. Use these pieces to create the piping using the left mini piping foot by placing the cording into the fold of the fabric.

    2. Place the fabric-wrapped cord into the groove of the Left Mini Piping Foot. Stitch down length of fabric. Trim the seam allowances to ¼” from the stitching.

  3. From the leftover piece of black purse fabric cut a 3 x 22” strip of fabric.

    1. Using this strip gather both sides of the strip creating a puffing strip. Keep gathers even on each side and steam to set.

  4. Attach the piping to each side of the puffing strip using the left mini piping foot. Use a ¼” seam allowance.

  5. Measure and cut a 3” x 11” strip from the 11” x 22” piece of black purse fabric.

  6. Using the left mini piping foot and ¼” seam allowance sew the piped puffing strip between the 3” x 11” strip and the 19” x 11” strip. Press seams away from the puffing.

  7. Layer the buckram fabric under the black and silver fabrics (keep black and silver fabrics right sides together) and trim to 10 ½” wide x 21” long.

  8. Place a ¼” snip through all three layers of fabric 1 ½” away from the piping toward the body of the purse on both sides of the 21” length.

  9. Keeping the fabrics as stacked in step 7; sew the piped end sewing through all three layers. It helps to keep the buckram on the bottom.

  10. Sew the opposite end together sewing through all three layers.

  11. Pull the lining and buckram away from the outside fabric and align the straight seam with the snip.

    1. This will place the silver fabric buckram and black fabric right sides together. Sew with 3/8” seam allowance from the snip to the end of the black fabric.

    2. Repeat on the other side of the purse then on the silver fabric seaming one side completely and on the other side leaving a 3-4" opening for turning the purse out.

  12. Press seams as sewn to set the stitches.

  13. Square the corners of the purse.

  14. Turn the purse right side out and press.

  15. Finish the opening in the lining with hand stitching or Steam-a-Seam 2.

  16. Push the lining into place inside the purse body.

  17. Sew snap into place as desired.

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