Oct 23, 2020

Farmhouse Stocking Wall Decor

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Incorporate your sewing skills to create this unique holiday wall décor. The faux stocking is quilted and sewn but then attached to the wood board to create a one-of-a-kind decoration for your house. Change up the look by choosing different fabrics boards and ribbon trims. Download stocking pattern. Download printable instructions.



  • Baby Lock® sewing and quilting machine
  • Baby Lock Digital Dual Feed foot or walking foot for quilting.


  1. The supply list will make one faux stocking. Use the pdf pattern to create a stocking that will fit on the board size used for the project. Adjust as needed if using a different size board.

  2. Print out the stocking pattern. Tape the PDF pattern together.

  3. From the stocking front fabric cut 1 stocking piece.

  4. From the lining/backing fabric cut the following:

    1. Cut 2 stocking pieces right sides together.

    2. Cut 1 cuff piece. Note that this is cut on a fold.

    3. Cut 1 heel and toe pieces.

  5. From the batting cut 1 stocking piece.

  6. From the Iron-On adhesive cut 1 heel and toe fabric piece. Iron onto the back of the heel and toe fabric pieces.

  7. Set up the machine for sewing:

    1. Thread the machine.

    2. Attach a walking foot or piecing foot to the machine. If not use the standard presser foot.

    3. Wind the bobbin with the same thread as used for the upper thread.

    4. Select a straight stitch.

  8. Layer the stocking top batting and backing fabric all wrong sides together. Use a spray adhesive to hold the fabrics together.

  9. Mark 45º lines on the fabric in both directions. This will be the base of creating channel quilting on the stocking front.

  10. Stitch along both the marked lines. Using the quilting bar on the walking foot or the guideline marker set the spacing for your quilting.

    1. When using the guideline marker you can adjust that setting to space your stitches apart. Also consider moving to a left needle stitch to add to the distance.

  11. Continue sewing lines to create channel quilting on the entire stocking front.

  12. Remove the iron-on adhesive backing and iron the heel and toe fabric onto the stocking front.

  13. If using a traditional walking foot replace with the standard foot. If using the Digital Dual feed foot or standard foot you can continue with that foot.

  14. Select a blanket stitch and sew along the edges to applique these pieces to the stocking front.

    1. Note: the exterior edges will be sewn in a seam so no need to do all sides of these pieces.

  15. Once the heel and toe are attached place the remaining lining fabric and the stocking front right sides together. Pin or clip to hold the layers together.

  16. Sew approximately ½” around the outer edge of the layered stocking. Trim the curved edges turn and press.

  17. While at the iron mat fold and press around the top edge of the stocking approximately ½”.

  18. Gather the cuff fabric piece. Sew along the short edges of the fabric. Turn inside out and press.

  19. The cuff will be attached to the stocking top while topstitching that top edge of the stocking. Place the unfinished edge into the stocking top and pin in place. See picture below.

  20. Once sewn the cuff piece should fold over the stocking front giving the stocking a faux cuff look.

    1. Note: If you don’t like the exposed raw edges you can finish those with an overcasting or serged stitch before you attach and top stitch.

  21. Press the stocking cuff if desired.

  22. Now that we have the stocking sewn together we can get a little crafty.

  23. Gather the wooden board tacks hammer and stocking.

  24. Find a surface that you can safely hammer or firmly push that will help support the wooden board and not damage the surface below.

    For example your nice sewing table may NOT be the appropriate place to do this. A concrete floor sidewalk outside or spare piece of plywood on a carpeted floor or table might do the trick!

  25. Push or hammer the tacks in place around some of the key connecting points. For example the top of the stocking or at the edge of the heel/toe fabric piece.

  26. Continue adding tacks to hold in place.

  27. Once all secured the heel and toe portions of the stocking not attached using tacks were hot glued in place.

  28. Note: the wooden board used in this project was thinner than the tacks.

    Once all the tacks were placed and secured a piece of foam board was cut and inserted into the back of the wooden board to secure the tacks in place and preventing the sharp ends from being exposed. As an option you could also hot glue the entire stocking onto the board and add a trim around the exterior of the stocking or use any number of creative ideas to secure it onto the board.

  29. To add some additional color and texture cut strips of fabric lace and trim in varied lengths 18” – 24”.

    1. Fold over the large safety pin and pin onto the stocking front under the faux cuff.

  30. Place some holiday pics and flowers into the stocking top and you have now created a fun whimsey farmhouse stocking wall décor!

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