Feb 5, 2010

Felted Rose Pin

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This is one rose that truly stands out from the rest. Grow your own by felting an old-world technique with the Baby Lock Embellisher. Download printable instructions.


  • Baby Lock Dissolve-Away Mesh stabilizer*
  • Wool roving - several different hues of the same color from light to dark for the rose
  • Wool roving - several different shades of green for the leaves
  • Fibrous strands of yarn in shades to match your rose (optional)
  • YLI Pearl Crown Rayon for leaf accents
  • A bead for the center of the rose to hold it together
  • Construction thread to match color of rose
  • Construction thread to match leaf color
  • A small plastic cup
  • Spray starch.
  • A sprayer with water
  • Long pins
  • Small piece of green felt
  • One 1 1/4” steel jewelry pin clasp (available in most craft stores)


  • Baby Lock Embellisher


  1. Cut two pieces of the water soluble stabilizer approximately 9” x 5” for the rose.

    1. Stabilizer used for this project needs to be a the fibrous type not a see-through clear wrap type.

  2. Cut two pieces of water soluble stabilizer approximately 6” x 4” for the leaves.

  3. Lay the two pieces of rose stabilizer on a flat surface close to your Embellisher.

    1. Take the darkest piece of roving and separate the fibers. Lay them out on the stabilizer as shown in picture below.

  4. To create the felting for the flower you will be repeatedly creating thin layers of felt using your dark roving placed onto each side your 9” x 5” piece of water soluble stabilizer.

    1. Repeat the layering process on each side until you cannot see the stabilizer when you hold the felting to the light.

    2. If you wish to add a little texture to your rose take some yarn and felt it in between the layers of roving.

    3. You probably will end up with seven layers of felting on each side of the stabilizer. Make sure you felt every piece so the roving is secure.

  5. Take a piece of paper and draw a leaf on it. Use this as your template. Cut out two leaves from the green felted stabilizer.

  6. Cut a piece of pearl crown rayon about 2 inches longer than your leaf. Place down the center of the leaf and felt it. Repeat this process for the veins in the leaf. Trim any extra away.

  7. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle on it approximately the size of a small bowl (4-5 inch diameter).

    1. Lay this piece of paper on top of the rose stabilizer. Cut out a circle. After the circle is cut start at the outer edges and cut a spiral.

  8. Take the leaves and rose spiral and place them on a towel. With your water spritzer thoroughly spray both the rose and the leaves. Let them dry overnight.

  9. After the rose spiral has dried coil it starting at the center and working out to the edges. Hold the rose in place with long pins.

  10. Stitch the rose bottom together gently pulling the opening closed. Secure thread. Attach bead to center of rose. Put rose in the plastic cup center of rose facing up.

  11. Take your spray starch and spray rose. After rose is wet gently shape petals. Leave rose to dry overnight in the plastic cup

  12. Putting it all together:

    1. Take leaves and stitch to back of rose covering up the rose stitching. Next cut a piece of felt to cover the back of the rose.

    2. Sew the clasp to the felt and then sew the felt to the back of the rose.

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