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Instructor: Linda Pacini

First Steps in Embroidery - A Stabilizer Conversation

Join Linda Rainwater, Training Manager for Baby Lock and Sara Gallegos, Educator for Baby Lock as they look at stabilizers and the impact that they have on creating professional results in embroidery.

Video length: 12:09 minutes

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  1. 100%
    Great Information
    This was a very enlightening class. I am a beginner and a bit overwhelmed with everything needed. I feel a bit better seeing some samples and a light discussion about each stabilizer. I hope there is another more in depth lesson in the future.
  2. 100%
    I tried a stretch T shirt for my first project and ran into trouble. thanks for the tips on what to use and when for embroidery.
  3. 100%
    Very informative
    Gave useful information.
  4. 100%
    Great Introduction to Stabilizers
    I'm a beginner and this was very helpful and easy to follow!
  5. 100%
    Fine Basic Info for Dummies like Me
    I knew almost none of this. Strike that: knew none of it, to be honest. I come away slightly overwhelmed, but thoroughly summarized in the most basic of basics of what I’m likely to need in this Brave New World of Machine Embroidery I’ve entered. I’d like to believe there are follow-ups to deepen understanding of their uses; as I mentioned, I’m new here, so hopes are high.

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