Sep 29, 2019
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Floral Spiderweb Mini Quilt

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This Halloween Mini Quilt takes the spooky out of Halloween with this sweet floral spider and her colorful Dresden spiderweb! It's quick to sew up and a great way to show off your fun fall fabrics! Download the Dresden Web Pattern and spider design here.


  • White background fabric- 3/4 Yard
  • Baby Lock Stabilizer
  • 7 pieces of fabric for Dresden web pieces- 5" x 10" each
  • 1 piece of fabric for top of Dresden web- 10" x 10"
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing – 10” x 10” piece
  • Batting- 24” x 24” piece
  • Fabric for backing- 24” x 24” piece
  • Fabric for binding-1/4 yard
  • Embroidery thread for machine embroidery
  • Quilting Thread
  • Basic Sewing Supplies



  1. Complete the embroidery portion of the mini quilt first.

    1. Load the spider design in the machine. For spider placement tape together the mini quilt layout and place fabric over paper pattern.

    2. Mark center of spider location with a disappearing marking pen.

    3. Add embroidery stabilizer behind white background fabric so marked place is centered in hoop and embroider design on the fabric according to the design.

  2. The finished spider should look like this!

  3. Remove fabric from hoop and set aside for now.

  4. Using the provided Dresden Web pattern cut out a Dresden fan piece and facing piece from each color for your spiderweb.

  5. Place the facing piece right sides together with the fan piece and sew together along the two top curved edges making sure you have a nice point at the top.

  6. Clip the point and turn right side out. Press seam.

  7. Repeat for all seven Dresden Web fans.

  8. Sew together Dresden fans to form the web. Press seams away from the center fan.

  9. For the top of the web trace the curved design onto the non-fusible side of the fusible interfacing.

  10. Place the interfacing on top of the web top fabric with the fusible side of the interfacing towards the right side of the fabric.

  11. Sew along the marked curve line then cut away the remaining fabric leaving a small 1/8” seam allowance.

  12. Turn right side out and finger press. Do not press with an iron yet.

  13. Using the paper pattern as a guide trim the fabric you've embroidered the spider on down to the hexagon shape of the mini quilt.

  14. Make sure your spider is centered in the hexagon.

  15. Place Dresden web at top of hexagon using the paper pattern as a guide for placement.

  16. Place web top over the top of the Dresden web so the raw ends of the Dresden pieces are covered.

  17. Press the web top in place so the piece is fused to the background.

  18. Sew down the Dresden Web and top by sewing 1/8” inside all points and the curved top.

  19. Using the pattern as a guide draw web lines onto mini quilt with a disappearing ink pen.

  20. The straight lined should go through each point and the center web line should end at your spider.

  21. Layer together the quilt top batting and backing and pin or spray-baste in place.

  22. Sew the quilted web lines in place with a contrasting thread that stands out well against your fabric colors.

  23. If desired quilt the remainder of the mini quilt. I used a free motion meandering design in the white space between the web lines.

    1. 15702459072475.jpg
  24. When you are finished quilting trim off your backing and batting and straighten up your hexagon.

  25. Bind as desired. Show off your cute new Spiderweb mini quilt!

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