Instructor: Lora Kesilis

FontWorks – Create and Edit Lettering

If you want lettering that is easy to create and gives you many options to customize the look, then you are going to love working with FontWorks. 

Learn how to create normal lettering, circular lettering, monograms, vertical text, text on a path, and text to stairs.  See how easy it is to change the look by adjusting the height, width, slant of the letters, alignment, and the space between lines of text.  You can even click and drag to move individual letters or select individual letters to rotate and re-size them. 

We will also look at the new Word Drop feature, which lets you create multiple copies of the same design with different text on each one.  Do you need to create vests for the Cub Scout troop with different names on each one?  You will love Word Drop.

Video length: 76:41

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