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Instructor: Cathy Brown

Free Motion Series - Lesson 3: Rulers and Templates

This class is Lesson 3 of a five part Free Motion series with award winning quilter, Cathy Brown. Cathy’s easy and accessible style will have you looking for more quilt tops to be quilted!

Now that you have started developing your free motion muscle memory, you are probably wishing you could sew very precise quilting patterns and perfect straight lines. So, what's next? Watch, in this lesson, as Cathy teaches you how to use long arm rulers.

Cathy will show you what kind of presser foot you will need and how a long arm ruler or template differs from the other rulers in your sewing room. Learn how to use your ruler or template to guide the quilt along the side of the presser foot to sew a perfect curve or straight line. Cathy shares the secrets for ruler work including which side of the presser foot you want to use and how to hold both the ruler and the quilt so they move together.

This lesson was filmed on the Tiara III, but techniques are applicable for all Baby Lock Tiara versions.

Video length: 20:53 minutes

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80 % of 100
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    Basics of rulers
    I like rulerwork and this is a fun basic class. Watching that foot with the rulers was making me a little nervous! I use a ruler foot on my Coronet, and that makes me more comfortable. I recommend the class for someone starting out with rulers!

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