Instructor: Denise Applegate Schober

From Block to Border to Quilt - All with Art & Stitch

Creating a block can be easy, but have you ever wanted to create a block and border that came from the same element.  We will take you through the process of creating a block from an existing design found in the Art & Stitch library. Then we will take the block and turn it into a border, corner and other designs that you will be able to quilt and will complement each other. They will be similar designs but very different. Software Featured: Art & Stitch

NOTE: Pro-Stitcher Versions 1, 2, & 3 include Art & Stitch. With Pro-Stitcher Premium, however, Art & Stitch is sold separately. To purchase Art and Stitch, contact your local Baby Lock Retailer.

Video length: 37:30 minutes

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