Instructor: Chris Tryon

Gallant - Rulers

Learn to use quilting rulers and explore the ruler accessories available to enhance your quilting, with Baby Lock Educator Chris Tryon. 

Other Gallant Optional Accessories include:
• Gallant Ruler Base (BLGT15-RB)
• 2-foot Frame Extension (BLGTF-EXT)
• Rear Handlebars & Laser (BLGT15-RH)
• Quilt Frame Tabletop (BLGTF-BT)
• Glide Foot (BLQ-GF2)
• Creative Couching Foot Set (BLQ-CCF)
• Ruler and Echo Foot Set (BLQ-REFS)
• Baby Lock Light Bar (BLQ-LIGHT10)
• Casters (BLTRT18-CASTER)

Video length: 16:04 minutes

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