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Instructor: Sara Gallegos

Getting to Know Your Baby Lock Soprano

The Baby Lock Soprano has so many features that will make creating your next project a perfectly enjoyable experience. This introductory class will take you on an exploration of your machine and introduce you to many of the features that can be customized by you to suit the way that you sew.

Video length: 73:11 minutes

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  1. 100%
    This was the best video for learning about all the specific buttons on the machine.
    I didn't look at any videos when I first got my Soprano. I've fumbled around for 4 months trying to figure out the machine. I just logged in to the Baby Lock video site and found the Basic video for my Soprano. Everything became much clearer and I saw a lot of the time saving techniques built into the machine. This is the perfect introduction to the Soprano. Thank you for providing it.
  2. 100%
    Very Helpful
    The angles to demo were done very well. I appreciate the instructor carefully going through the features and attachments. It was a little difficult to see the changing of the feet. Thank you
  3. 100%
    Really informative
    Great introduction to the Soprano and all of the many features!!
  4. 100%
    Great information!
    Loved this class! The instructor was knowledgeable and able to break down instruction to make it simple to follow!
  5. 100%
    I forgot to mention that I could not be happier with my purchase of the Soprano machine. I teach classes at the quilt stores and this is my go to travel machine. Love having it at home right by me when I am embroidering on my Solaris. Both machines are a good choice for me.
  6. 100%
    Wonderful Lessons
    I love Sara and all the instructors. It is helpful to me as I love classes. Wish there were more classes at the stores.
  7. 100%
    Very helpful
    I really enjoyed this video. I learned so much about my Soprano! Than you!

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