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Instructor: Patty Marty

Getting to Know Your Baby Lock Vesta - Embroidery

Congratulations on the purchase of your Baby Lock Vesta Sewing and Embroidery machine! Follow along as instructor, Patty Marty walks you through the embroidery features and capabilities of your machine from top to bottom. Check out the "Getting to Know Your Baby Lock Vesta – Sewing" class for more information on your machine’s sewing features.

Video length:  60:43 minutes

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95 % of 100
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  1. 100%
    Best Instructions EVER
    This was such an insightful video. I feel that it covered SO much in such a little time, but it was understandable at the same time. She was so clear in speaking, not rushing through the steps. I love how I can pause and go back to areas that I needed a little bit more reassurance that I understood it correctly. This is going to be my go to until I'm completely comfortable with this machine.
  2. 100%
    Great Class
    very informative and easy to follow
  3. 100%
    Great Information for Beginner
    Lots of great information and tips for those of us who are beginners in the world of embroidery. She is easy to listen to. Her instructions are easy to follow along with, without getting lost.
  4. 80%
    The lesson covered how to set up the embroidery unit and how to navigate the process from start to finish.
    Very easy to understand and answered many of my questions.

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