Aug 5, 2021

Heirloom Pillow

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This Heirloom Pillow project utilizes heavy weight threads to create a modern take on heirloom pillows utilizing Baby Lock specialty feet and Digital Dual Feed foot. Decorative thread colors add a beautiful hand embroidery texture look to this project.

Click HERE to download project instructions with additional photos.




  1. Fusible Fleece: Cut 1 at 14” x 14” for fusing to wrong side of Pillow Top
  2. Pillow Top Fabric: Cut 1 at 14” x 14” for Pillow Top
  3. Pillow Backing Fabric: Cut 2 at 14” x 18” for Pillow Back (with opening for insert)
  4. Wonderfil Dazzle: Cut 7 lengths at 24” each for cording foot


  1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and fuse to the back of pillow top iron-on fleece which gives the pillow top stability and dimension.
  2. Cut 7 lengths of Dazzle at appx 24” insert into 7-hole cording foot from top to bottom; pull the ends from the bottom to the underside and to the back of the foot and tie an overhand knot to keep the ends from slipping out of the holes in the foot. Now you can attach the foot to your machine.
  3. Measure 7” in from the side of the pillow top fabric and draw a placement line with the Chaco Liner.
  4. Insert size 100/16 topstitching or metallic needle into your machine; wind 1 bobbin with the Aeroquilt Black thread and insert into to bobbin case. Thread your machine with Wonderfil Accent Fuchsia through your upper thread path and into the needle.
  5. Select Multi Step Zig Zag stitch # Q-11 7mm width 2mm length. Turn on the needle beam (3.5mm setting) and place marked pillow top fabric under the cording foot with the knot to the back of the foot aligning the needle beam with the chalk mark.
  6. Stitch down the entire chalk line.
  7. Remove 7-hole cording foot and attach the N foot (came with your machine). Set your needle beam to 10mm (1/4”) and rethread your upper thread path with the Glamore Sunny Yellow 12wt thread. Select stitch # 3-02 (a Hemstitching Stitch) 3.5mm width and 5mm length. Stich ¼” away from both sides of center cording turning project after stitching first line of topstitching. Keep the needle beam aligned with edge of cording created in step 5.
  8. Rethread machine with Wonderfil Accent 12wt Fuchsia. Select the Hemstitching stitch # 3-15 7mm width 3.5mm length. Stitch on each side of center keeping needle beam aligned with edge of previous stitching.
  9. Repeat step #7 with Wonderfil Accent Sunny Yellow 12wt thread.
  10. Select the Serpentine Stitch #2-19 7mm width 2mm length. Adjust the needle beam to line up with the right edge of N foot. Line up the needle beam with previous row of stitching and repeat 3 times down each side of previous stitching.
  11. Repeat step #7 with Wonderfil Accent Sunny Yellow 12wt thread.
  12. Press the 2 Pillow Back fabrics (14” x 18”) in half so they measure 14” x 9”; place pillow top face up on work area. Place the 1st pillow back on top with folded edge following the direction of the stitched-out motifs. Repeat with 2nd half of pillow back creating an overlap of folded edges. All of the outside raw edges of all layers should be aligned with each other.
  13. Wonder Clip the corners of the pillow cover sandwich and attach a wonder clip around the edges as well.
  14. Attach Digital Dual Feed foot with a standard foot plate making sure you plug the wire into the back of your machine. Set the needle beam to 5/8th inch seam allowance. Rethread upper thread path with Aeroquilt black thread; change needle to a size 90/14 topstitch needle.
  15. Select stitch #1-03 and set stitch length to 2.5mm. Line up needle beam with raw edges and stitch down entire side of pillow cover sandwich. Repeat on all 4 sides.
  16. Trim corners be careful to not snip seam line turn press and insert pillow form.

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