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June Webinar- Database Exploration The Design Database is great for organizing all your embroidery designs, and during this webinar, you may find a few that you thought you had lost. You’ll master the art of organization in no time at all.

June Webinar- I'm Seeing a Pattern Bring eye-catching details to your next project with five arrange and copy options. In this webinar, you’ll learn to make end-to-end patterns, mirror images, circular patterns, and so much more, for evenly-spaced and arranged designs.

July Webinar- Get In Line Take your created designs and shapes into the next dimension. You’ll see how to take offset lines both inward and outward for a unique effect. Plus, you’ll learn how to add an intricate, three-dimensional effect to each and every shape for jaw-dropping results.

September Webinar- Stamp it Out Ready to add some flair and texture to your digitized creations? Then you won’t want to miss this helpful webinar. You’ll learn to use Palette to create your own motifs and stamped patterns.

October Webinar- Selection Perfection The Fabric Selector takes the headache out of changing your design settings, like undersewing, for different fabric weights and types. By the end of this webinar, you’ll know exactly how to use it effectively.

November Webinar- Check Your Map So you’ve purchased some fun fonts…now what? In this helpful webinar, you’ll learn to use them like any other font- straight from your keyboard, thanks to the Font Mapping feature in Palette 11!

Access recordings of past 2020 webinars below.

January 2020 Webinar- Couching Creation

February 2020 Webinar- That's Soooo Plush

March 2020 Webinar- Punch it Up!

April Webinar- Put a Lid On It

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