Learn how to easily add dimension and texture to your projects in this recorded Facebook Live presentation by National Training Manager Patty Marty! The Solaris upgrade gives you access to 40 designs and a special foot to make couching a fun and seamless experience.

In this presentation, she also talks about IQ Designer fills, built-in couching designs, echo quilting, recommended yarns and needles to use, resizing the design and ends with a fun show and tell.

Download the reference guide for embroidery couching here.

Solaris upgrade kit (BLSAU) includes:

  • 10-5/8" X 10- 5/8" hoop
  • IQ Intuition™ Monitoring
  • Six Decorative Embroidery Fills in IQ Designer
  • Single or Double Stitch Decorative Fill
  • 75 new Decorative Embroidery Designs
  • Enhanced Auto-Split Quilt Borders with Five New Quilt Border Designs
  • Couching Embroidery Foot with 40 Couching Designs
  • Additional features - Enhanced selections of an Area in IQ™ Designer, Digital Dual Feed Couching Sole and Guide, Hand Sewn Stitch, Auto Presser Foot Down in Embroidery, Favorite Options in Color Visualizer, Advanced Editing of Embroidery Letters

Visit your local Baby Lock retailer to purchase the Solaris upgrade (BLSAU today. Find your nearest location here.

For more information on the Solaris Upgrade take these SewEd Classes:

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