Hello!! Happy National Serger Month! What do I love most about National Serger Month? The DIY projects! You can stitch some really fun things with sergers and they can be so quick, cute, and professional looking! And so, I bring you the Little Lovely Lacy Petticoat tutorial made mostly with the serger. Last spring, my 4-year-old (at the time) was in a wedding. The satin and organza flower girl dress that I had made her was begging for a netting or tulle petticoat to poof that skirt out! So, why not make one? Most little girls love poofy, full, spinnable dresses! So, I schemed up a super easy way to make one almost completely with your serger!
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial
Want to make one too? Click here for the Lovely Lace Girl's Petticoat tutorial! Happy Serging! Check out the Supply List:
  • Baby Lock® Ovation* serger and Baby Lock® sewing machine
  • Baby Lock® Elastic Serger Foot (BLE8-EF)**
  • 4 cones Madeira® Aerolock Premium Serger Thread to match
  • Madeira® Aerofil Sewing Thread to match
  • 60″ of lining fabric
  • 4 yards of tulle or netting
  • 1″ Soft braided elastic for waistband (Also, just FYI, you can find silver and gold sparkly elastic for the waistband at JoAnn Fabrics!! It's wider than an inch, but, I like it, as well!)
  • Optional: About 5 to 6 yards of 1″ wide lace for skirt hem
  • Optional: Baby Lock® Lace Applicator Foot (BLE8-LF)**
  • Fine disappearing ink marking pen
  • 5-in-1 Sliding Guage
*If you don't have the Ovation serger, you can stitch down the tulle with your sewing machine zig-zag stitch. **Other Baby Lock sergers have an optional, available Elastic Serger Foot and Lace Applicator Foot. Check your local Baby Lock retailer to find these accessory feet. Download the full Petticoat project instructions over at nationalsergermonth.org!
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 1
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 2
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 5
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 6
Pair that pretty petticoat with a full and pretty flower girl dress, princess dress, or pageant gown to get that poofy, spinnable look every little girl loves!
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 7
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 8
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 8
DIY Serger Petticoat Tutorial 9

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