Altair and Meridian

Q: Is the positioning app included in the purchase of the machine or is it a separate purchase? A: The positioning app comes free of charge with the purchase of your machine. Note: a smart device is required and must be purchased separately.

Q: Will my other Baby Lock machine hoops work on the Altair and Meridian or only the included specialty hoops? A: Don’t worry! All your Baby Lock hoops will work . However, the IQ Intuition positioning app will only work when use the specialty hoops.

Q: Must both devices (smart device and machine) be on the same IP address? A: Yes, both your machine and smart device must be connected through the same IP address and wi-fi network.

Q: How do I get updates to my app? A: If you are connected to wi-fi, notification updates will be sent automatically.

Q: What is your data privacy policy? A: Please see our IQ Intuition Positioning app privacy policy.


Q: How do I use the sensor pen to position my embroidery? A: Use the Sensor Pen to assign the design’s positioning and placement. Simply touch the fabric with the Sensor Pen and the Pathfinder knows where to place the design.

Q: How many built-in designs are available? A: The Pathfinder come with 263 built-in designs


Q: Is the Needle beam embroidery foot available for my machine? A: Yes. Visit your local Baby Lock retailer to purchase.

Q: Is the Dual Feed Foot available for my machine? A: Yes. Visit your local Baby Lock retailer to purchase.

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