Anyone who knew Nancy Zieman or watched her show could tell she was a special person. From her kind and humble demeanor to her positive and patient teaching style, Nancy was a friend, regardless of whether you knew her personally. The person who knew her best – her husband Richard Zieman – is releasing a book, Nancy Zieman: The Rest of the Story, to share the parts of Nancy most people didn’t know.

Richard’s memoir is a very personal glimpse into Nancy’s final few years. It picks up where her autobiography, Seams Unlikely, ended, and is full of letters, notes, poems, emails and family photos. While the memoir provides a touching synopsis to those who knew her, it also gives her fans an intimate look into the final few years of her private life behind the television screen.

Despite extreme physical hardships and pain, she always tried to focus on the positives in life, namely her family, friends and faith. Nancy’s outlook is a wonderful reminder to look past the difficult times and focus on the important things.

She never seemed to slow down and most fans didn’t know she was ill while watching her show, as she expressed the same vim, vigor and vitality as during her healthier times. She felt compelled to teach and fulfill her commitments, whether they be to her show or to a group of retailers at our annual convention, Baby Lock Tech. Even a broken hip couldn’t keep her away from Quilt Expo! Nancy was dedicated to the art of sewing and those in that circle.

If anyone ever doubted the influence Nancy had on people, the letters and notes included in this book will quell them. From viewers who said Sewing with Nancy saved their lives to those stating that sewing gave them a new purpose, Nancy’s positive impact was vast. It was impossible not to respond to her warm demeanor.

Nancy was extremely special to all of us at Baby Lock. As the love of sewing is central to what we do and who we are, we have tried our best to carry on her legacy through our education programs and working with the company she founded: Nancy’s Notions. Nancy was a member of our Baby Lock Common Threads family and a mentor to many of our influencers. Beyond that, our relationship extended past the business world into friendship. Nancy was a friend, mentor and role model for many of us.

We encourage you to read this book if you want to know more about the woman behind the sewing machine. It comes with an accompanying DVD full of additional photos, memories (including bloopers!), testimonials and a video of Nancy reading The Flying Sewing Machine with her granddaughters.

In honor of Nancy and to keep her memory going, we're giving away a copy of her book as part of the blog tour sponsored by Nancy Zieman Productions. To enter, make sure you follow us on our Facebook page and comment on our post saying how Nancy impacted your life. We can’t wait to read your responses!

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