Dogs like to be fancy, too! Dressing your dog up in this adorable ballerina outfit will make your trick or treat or Halloween outing special. This project is a great way to learn pattern sewing while involving your furry best friend. Click here to download instructions.


  • McCall’s Craft pattern #M7452 View C
  • Rainbow Rose Cuddle® (Vibrant) from Shannon Fabrics
  • Silky Satin from Shannon Fabrics in orange
  • Madeira® Cotona sewing thread to match the fabric
  • 1 Roll each of Tulle in black and orange
  • 1 Roll of black lace
  • 1 Roll black ribbon
  • 1 Roll black rick-rack
  • Hot Melt Glue Gun with glue sticks
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock® sewing machine


  1. Follow the guide sheet from the pattern to layout and cut out the pattern pieces according to the desired size for your dog.

    1. Use the tulle fabrics for the bottom edge of the skirt.

    2. Use the silky satin fabric for the lining and for the top inset section on the costume.

  2. Set up the sewing machine. (Be sure to read the instruction book before you begin to sew.)

    1. Wind a bobbin with the same color thread that will be used for the top thread.

    2. Place the bobbin in the bobbin case. (Refer to the instruction book for winding the bobbin and inserting the bobbin in the bobbin case.)

    3. Thread the machine.

    4. Snap on the Zig-Zag foot.

    5. Select the straight stitch left stitch.

    6. Set the stitch length to 2.0.

  3. Follow the guide sheet for sewing the main part of the body together.

    1. Attach the patch and fuse in place. Sew the ribbon to the patch and apply the lace around the patch to hide the ribbon ends.

  4. To create the ruffle measure the bottom edge of the skirt and triple that measurement.

    1. Cut one section from the orange tulle 4” wide by the length of the above measurement.

    2. Cut another section from the black tulle 4” wide by the length of the above measurement.

    3. Set the machine up for a basting stitch.

    4. Sew ¼” along the top edge on both of the tulle sections. Then sew another row of basting stitches ¼” from the first row.

    5. Pull the bobbin threads to gather the two sections, so that they fit inside the bottom edge on the skirt.

    6. Continue with Step 12 on the Guide sheet until the ballerina dress is complete.

  5. Create the hat while following the pattern directions.

    1. To adorn the hat use the glue gun and glue sticks to apply the rick-rack around the brim.

    2. Then, glue a small piece of gathered black tulle for a side decoration on the hat.

  6. Sew the elastic to the hat to finish.

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