Click here to find this project in Totally Stitchin Magazine from Fall/Winter 2019. Click here to download the design.

Materials and Supplies


  1. Hoop the stabilizer and the solid fabric in the machine hoop.
  2. Bring up the Christmas tree design (Built-in on Baby Lock Verve) and embroider the design using embroidery thread colors to coordinate with the holiday print fabric.
  3. Once the embroidery is complete, remove the excess stabilizer.
  4. Switch to sewing mode on the machine and thread with all-purpose thread.
  5. Trim the piece down so that it is 5" wide x 6 1/2" tall.
  6. From the holiday print fabric cut the side front piece 5" wide x 6-1/2" tall.
  7. Sew the holiday print to the embroidered square. Press.
  8. Layer the batting to the front and press.
  9. Using the all-purpose thread and the metallic thread stich along the holiday print fabric as desired to give it a quilted look.
  10. Trim to square up the front piece if necessary. Trim the backing so it matches the finished front piece in size.
  11. Layer the backing piece right sides together with the finished front piece.
  12. Stitch around the outer edge leaving a small opening along the side for turning.
  13. Turn the mug rug right side out. Use a point turner to completely turn the corners. Press.
  14. Topstitch along the outer edge catching the fabric opening and stitching the opening closed.

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