Keep out old man winter this year by making a functional and fun draft stopper. This draft stopper is double sided and can be made to fit a window or door. Customize this simple project with fabric to match your decor. Download printable instructions.


  • Serger thread (optional)
  • 1/2 Yard fabric
  • All-purpose thread to match fabric
  • Two foam pipe insulation covers for 1" pipe (purchased from hardware store)
  • 1/4 Yard hook & loop closure (both sides)
  • Craft scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Measuring tape


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine
  • Baby Lock Serger (optional)


  1. Measure the thickness of the door.

  2. Measure around the outside of the pipe foam. Note: This measurement may vary by manufacturer.

  3. Complete this equation to tell you how wide to cut your fabric.

    1. 1/2" seam allowance + pipe foam measurement + door thickness + pipe foam measurement + 1/2" seam allowance = fabric cutting width

    2. Example: 1/2" + 6" + 2" + 6" + 1/2" = 15"

  4. Measure the width of the door.

  5. Using the craft scissors, cut the length of the pipe foam pieces to match the door width measurement.

  6. Now cut a piece of fabric (width of the door from step 4) x 15". Note: Piece different fabrics together first, then cut the fabric to size for the cover strip if desired.

  7. Fold the fabric right sides together. Serge or stitch the long side together.

  8. With the fabric still right sides together, position the seam so it is in the center.

  9. Serge or stitch across one end.

  10. Turn the fabric right side out.

  11. Serge or turn under a small hem on the open end to conceal the raw edges.

  12. Stitch pieces of hook and loop tape to the end, so when closed, it lays similar to the other end.

  13. Straight stitch down the center seamline, stopping 1/2" before reaching the hoop and loop closure. Reinforce the beginning and end of the seam.

  14. Open the hook and loop tape and slide a pipe foam insulation piece on either side of the stitching line. Close the hook and loop closure.

  15. Slide the draft stopper under the door.

  16. Remove the pipe foam before laundering when needed.

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