Need something fun for the Easter bunny to leave? Make this quick and easy embroidered treat! With a clear vinyl window, you can stuff it with your children's or grandchildren's favorite goodies. They're made in the hoop, so whether you're making one or a dozen, it'll go fast! Download printable instructions.


  • Spool of Madeira embroidery thread to match fabrics
  • Empty bobbin
  • Fat quarter of egg fabric with a small print
  • 1/4" of yard of clear vinyl (found in the upholstery fabric section)
  • Felt Square
  • Pinking shears
  • Clover Wonder Clips
  • Curved or applique scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Small Candy



  1. Set up and thread your Baby Lock machine for embroidery mode.

  2. Wind a bobbin with the same embroidery thread you plan to use for the top thread.

  3. Make the finished egg shape approximately 4”. Exact measurement settings are not critical for this project if the steps are assembled in the correct order.

    1. You can increase or decrease the size of the oval or egg shape to your liking as long as it fits within your embroidery machine’s maximum embroidery field size.

  4. Select the built-in framing patterns. Select the oval shape then select a running stitch.

  5. Size this to be the smaller center oval so it will be approximately 2”.

  6. Add another framing pattern oval. This time chose the applique E stitch outline.

    1. Note: a satin stitch or tight stitching will create too many needle holes and perforate the vinyl.

  7. Size this oval to be the same size as the previous running stitch.

  8. If needed, use the center button in the move keys to center the oval and stack the two ovals.

  9. Add another framing pattern Oval. Select a running stitch outline.

  10. Size this oval to be approximately 4” (3.95” if you are using a machine with a 4”x4” hoop).

  11. Duplicate the oval you just made.

  12. Center all the ovals on the screen so you have two small ovals stacked in the middle of two larger ovals. This will be your egg design.

  13. Layer a piece of the cotton print fabric over a piece of clear vinyl and place them together in the hoop.

  14. Place the hoop on the machine. Embroider the small running stitch oval only.

  15. Remove the hoop from the machine. Do NOT remove the fabric from the hoop.

  16. Using the seam ripper very carefully make a small slit in the cotton layer only inside the oval for the middle of the egg shape.

    1. This slit is just to allow you to get the scissors in the cotton layer only and trim away the center of the oval leaving the vinyl layer intact.

  17. Trim the cotton fabric to but not through the stitching line to expose the clear vinyl.

  18. Place the hoop back on the machine and stitch the small oval with the applique outline stitching. This will cover the trimmed edge.

  19. Next stitch one large oval shape. This is your placement line.

  20. Layer a second piece of vinyl and a felt square. Slide these under the hoop with the vinyl layer up so it is next to the other vinyl layer.

  21. You may choose to use wonder clips to hold the fabric corners to the corners of the top layers of fabric.

  22. Using the needle advancement keys to skip stitches, stitch the last oval skipping 12-15 stitches at the top of the oval. This will leave an opening for candy.

  23. For additional reinforcement you can choose to repeat the last step, so you have another layer of stitching holding the egg together.

  24. Once the stitching is complete, remove all layers from the machine and the hoop.

  25. Trim any loose threads, then using pinking shears cut the egg shape from the fabric, trimming outside the final row of stitching.

  26. Fill the egg by placing the candies between the two clear vinyl layers.

  27. Gift, share and enjoy!

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