Project Entangled in Triangles Locking Chain Table Runner

By Denise Applegate Schober

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Half square triangles are a very common block used to create numerous quilt block patterns. One of the hardest things about making them is the cutting, marking and stitching of all the blocks. This project is showcases using longarm automation to create a plethora of half square triangles in one easy stitch out.

The file for the Pro-Stitcher software was created using Art and Stitch software. To learn more about this easy technique, be sure to check out the SEWED Video: Kiss Your Stash Goodbye: Entangled in Triangles

Download project instructions for this table runner here.




  1. Baby Lock Long Arm with Pro-Stitcher Software

    The first portion of the project showcases how to create the multiple half square triangles using your Baby Lock longarm and the Pro-Stitcher software

    1. Load the longarm frame with the two 1-yard pieces. Make sure that they are loaded right sides together.

    2. Place the design on a USB stick and open the design in the Pro-Stitcher software.

    3. Set an area using 2 corners and place the design in the area. Resize the design with locked aspect ratio to keep the design proportional.

    4. Once the design is placed and sized, stitch the design onto the two fabrics. Note: 14 SPI is a good stitch length.

    5. A few tips for sewing would be that you may want to remove the bungees and hold the fabric to keep it from pulling.

      Smooth the fabric along the way if necessary. Slowing the speed may also help to control the stitching since it is just two pieces of cotton fabric.

    6. Once stitched, you will notice that the zig zag stitch lines have created the sewing for all the half square triangles.

      The rectangle also gives you some guidance for cutting lines.

    7. Remove the fabric from the frame.

    8. Once the fabric is removed, cut between the point of the V in the zig zag stitch on the entire piece and remove any excess fabric.

    9. Trim all half square triangles to be the same size

    10. Half square triangles can be used to create a number of blocks.

  2. Home Sewing Machine Technique

    Don’t have a longarm to sew the method above, no worries. While it might take a little more time to sew, you can easily make half squared triangles on a home sewing machine.

    1. First, determine size to cut squares for the finish half square block.

      a. The formula for cut size of a square to make a pieced square of half-square triangles is = side of square + 7/8˝. For example, finished square = 2½˝, cut size of square is 3 3/8˝. b. Cut multiple squares of two opposing fabrics in the determined size.

    2. Mark and Sew

      a. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of lighter square. Referring to below diagram, place marked square on darker square, right sides together. b. Sew ¼˝ seam on each side of marked line; cut apart on marked line. Open and press to the dark side. c. Each square set yields 2 pieced ½ squares.

    3. Optional method

      a. To create more half square triangles at one time, see the diagram above. This allows to cut 2 larger squares that yield four ½ square triangles. b. Stitch on the dotted line and cut on the solid line.

    4. Note: When making half square triangles, contrasting fabrics work best. Try using some scraps are a great way to start practicing

  3. Locking Chains Table Runner

    1. Once you have determined your method of creating half square triangles, we are ready to create the top for the Locking Chains Triangle Table Runner.

    2. Select 18 half square triangles (any size).

      If you want to create a longer table runner, you can add more chains and in turn 6 additional half square triangles per block.

    3. With 6 half-square triangles, layout the squares to create the chain block.

    4. Sew the two blocks of each row together. Set and press the seam.

    5. Sew each of the rows together to create the chain block by nesting seams. Set and press seams open.

    6. Repeat this process for the desired number of blocks for your table runner.

    7. Once all blocks are sewn, arrange according to above diagram.

    8. If desired, add border to runner.

    9. Quilt, bind and enjoy using on your table or giving as a gift

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