Combine whimsical print fabrics and free-motion quilting from the Baby Lock Tiara long-arm machine to create this Fairytale quilt. Perfect for a child’s room or as a baby shower gift, this quilted wall hanging is quick and can be easily made in a few hours. Download printable instructions and template.


  • Aerofil all-purpose thread to match fabrics for patchwork
  • Quilting thread – white and variegated pastels
  • Pink quilting thread for the bobbin
  • ¾ yard white cotton fabric for center
  • 1 1/2 yards pink cotton fabric for backing and border
  • Fat quarter of bright pink fabric for crown
  • 10 assorted print fabrics in fat quarters for patchwork
  • Batting
  • Steam-a-Seam 2
  • Chalk marker
  • Quilt spray adhesive (Or quilt pins/quilt safety pins for basting)
  • Wonder clips
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler


  • Baby Lock Tiara Quilting Machine
  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine


  1. Thread the sewing machine with all-purpose thread and set the machine for a straight stitch and a ¼” seam allowance.

  2. Cut the center block 21 ½” square from the white fabric

  3. Trace the crown design onto the paper of the Steam-a-Seam2.

    1. Following the manufacturer’s directions fuse one side of the steam a seam to the wrong side of the bright pink fat quarter then cut out the crown shape.

  4. Fuse the crown shape in the center of the white center block, angling it as desired.

  5. Applique the center shape down using matching thread and a zigzag stitch if desired. The crown can also be secured by free-motion stitching along the edges of the shape if desired.

  6. From the pink fabric cut four strips 3 1/2” x width of fabric for the inner pink borders.

  7. Sew the pink border to the left and right side of the center block and square off the edges with the rotary cutter, mat and ruler.

  8. Then add the top and bottom borders and square off the edges.

  9. Cut the assorted fat quarter prints into 3 1/2” squares. You will need 64 total blocks.

  10. Arrange the colors as desired and sew border strips together.

  11. You need two strips of 9 blocks for the side borders. Sew these to the sides attaching it to the pink border.

  12. Then two strips of 11 blocks for the top and bottom border.

  13. An additional row is added to the top and bottom row but not the sides.

  14. Create two strips of 12 blocks for the additional row of top and bottom borders.

  15. When attaching these rows, off-set the blocks from the previous seam. Square off the corners.

  16. Layer the pieced top, backing and pink backing fabric. Make sure the backing fabric is larger than the front. Spray or pin base the layers together.

  17. Thread the Tiara with your desired quilting thread.

  18. Mark the template lines across the lower edge of the crown. Using the Tiara to quilt, follow the marked lines to quilt the details on the crown.

  19. Then stitch-in-the-ditch or add echo quilting lines along the edges of the crown shape. Using the Tiara’s hopping foot as a guide.

  20. Stipple the center block of quilt, using the white thread

  21. Then do a larger stipple or meandering pattern over the pieced border using a pastel variegated thread.

    1. Tip: The TruStitch for the Tiara can be very helpful for this step, as the stitch regulator will make sure your stitch length is consistent.

  22. Once the quilting is finished, do not cut off the excess fabric. Carefully with scissors, trim off the excess batting only.

  23. Measure and mark the backing fabric 1” from the edge of the finished quilt top all the way around. Trim to 1”. This excess fabric will become your binding.

  24. To form the binding, fold the 1” of backing fabric over 1/2” towards the quilt top and press.

  25. Fold it in again, this time overlapping the quilt edge and temporarily secure in place using wonder clips.

  26. Once all edges are folded over, tuck the corners in to form a mitered look.

  27. Using a zigzag or appliqué stitch, stitch along the folded binding edge to secure.

    1. Optional: for a great baby shower gift idea, use a Baby Lock embroidery machine to add a name and birthdate to the white center section before quilting

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