Project Flower Decorated Lamp Shade

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Take a boring, unexciting lamp shade to one that’s beautifully blooming with color and personality. Just mix and match swatches of felt and organza with some decorative stitches of your choosing for a lamp that is truly one of a kind. Click here to download instructions.


  • Several different colored felt squares to match color scheme
  • Organza
  • Sizzix cutting system with small circular and flower dies
  • Glue Sticks


  • Baby Lock® Sewing Machine
  • Glue Gun


  1. Using the Sizzix cutter, cut out assorted colored flower shapes from the felt squares. I like to cut out the shapes as I need them.

  2. Cut out circular shapes in assorted colors for the center of each flower.

  3. Cut assorted colors and sizes from the organza. The organza sections will be placed to accentuate the felt shapes

  4. Set up the machine by selecting a decorative stitch.

    In the sample a zigzag stitch was used for the first flower. There are several different decorative stitches that can be used as shown above in the illustration. On the lamp shade sample, several different decorative stitches were used. Mix and match – have fun with it!

  5. Stitch on the top side on each of the felt flower sections. Do not stitch on the organza; it is much too light of a fabric to hold most decorative stitches.

  6. On a flat surface, layer the flower sections, starting with the largest on the bottom and ending with the smallest section on the top. (Some flowers can have three layers of flowers; others c

    1. Rotate the second and remaining cutouts to create a three dimensional looking flower.

    2. Place the organza cutout sections on the bottom, top or center. Anything goes.

  7. Machine sew the small center section to the other cut-out sections to hold the flower together. There is no rule as to which stitch should be use. Just be creative and have fun!

  8. Make approximately 15 flowers for an average-sized shade. Make more as needed.

  9. Glue the flowers to the lamp shade using a hot glue gun.

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