Use the Baby Lock Verve sewing and embroidery machine to add a ruffled to the bottom edge of a purchased apron. The edges are finished off using the Overcast foot and a glow in the dark thread. Baking Halloween treats will never be this much fun! Click here to download instructions.


  • Purchased Apron
  • 1 Fat quarter (Halloween print)
  • Madeira® Glow in the Dark thread
  • Madeira black Cotona thread
  • White bobbin thread
  • Black rick-rack



  1. At the cutting table, cut (4) 4 ½” wide strips from the Halloween print fabric. These sections will be used for the ruffle.

    1. When deciding on how long the ruffle should be, measure the area where it will be placed.

    2. The length of the unruffled section should be 2 to 3 times the length of the area. This will give a nice full ruffle.

  2. Set the machine up for sewing:

    1. Thread the machine with the glow-in-the-dark thread.

    2. Wind the bobbin with white bobbin thread and place in the bobbin case.

    3. Select the Overcasting stitch #118.

    4. Snap on the Overcasting “G” Foot.

  3. With right sides together, piece together the 4 ½” wide Halloween print sections end to end.

  4. Overcast each of the seams together. Press the seams in the same directions.

  5. Overcast the top and bottom edges on the pieced section along with each of the ends.

  6. Remove the overcasting foot and replace with the “J” foot.

  7. To create the gather on the Halloween pieced section, set the machine up for the straight stitch middle.

    1. Set the length 5mm. Sew ¼” from the top edge on the section.

    2. Change the needle position to straight stitch left position. Set the length to 5mm.

    3. Place the top edge of the section even with the presser foot and stitch ½” from the same edge.

    4. You will have two rows of stitches ready to be gathered.

  8. Fold the pieced section in half and place the center fold on the center of the apron where the ruffle will be sewn. Pin at this point.

    1. Gather the ruffle on the left side of the ruffle section by pulling on the two bobbin threads.

    2. Adjust the gathers so that they are even across the area. Then gather the other side and repeat the same process.

  9. Sew the ruffle to the apron, adjusting the gathers as you sew for even distribution.

  10. Thread the machine with the black thread and stitch the black rick-rack over the gathering stitches and around the outer edge of the pocket to add more interest to the apron.

  11. More options: Embroider a Halloween design to a pocket or to the bib area as shown in this sample.

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