Project Halloween Wall Hanging

By Elizabeth Cecchettini

Skill Level: Beginner  

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This Halloween wall hanging can be as large or as small as you desire. Using the Bewitching Halloween Designs from Amazing Designs collection, embroider one design or go really big and stitch out the entire design collection! Either way, it is a great opportunity to showcase fun designs stitched on the Baby Lock Destiny Sewing and Embroidery Machine. Download printable instructions.


  • ¾ yard of tan wool felt
  • 1¼ yards of black felt
  • ¾ yard of burlap with metallic gold finishing on front side of fabric
  • Cut away stabilizer
  • ¼” wooden dowel rod
  • Small saw-tooth picture hanger
  • Madeira® embroidery threads
  • Rotary cutting system
  • Pinking shears or a pinking blade for rotary cutter
  • Water soluble marker
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock® Destiny Embroidery and Sewing Machine
  • Bewitching Halloween Designs from Amazing Designs® Collection (ADL11)


  1. Begin this project by embroidering as many designs as desired from the Bewitching Halloween collection. To do so, hoop the tan wool felt and cut away stabilizer in the embroidery frame.

  2. Attach the embroidery frame to the machine, confirm the pattern and stitch out the design.

  3. When the design is complete, remove the embroidered felt from the frame. Carefully cut away the stabilizer from the back of the design.

  4. Prepare to cut the design out by drawing a box around the embroidered area. Using a ruler and water-soluble marker, mark at least ¼” away from the embroidery on all four sides.

    1. Cut the design out using pinking shears or change the blade on the rotary cutter to a pin king blade and cut out the square using the ruler, rotary cutter and mat.

    2. Cut the design out using pinking shears or change the blade on the rotary cutter to a pin king blade and cut out the square using the ruler, rotary cutter and mat.

    3. Cut the design out using pinking shears or change the blade on the rotary cutter to a pinking blade and cut out the square using the ruler, rotary cutter and mat.

  5. Repeat the above process for each design to be included in the wall hanging

  6. Next, frame each of the tan felt embroidery designs by pinning them to the black felt. Allow a couple of inches between each design.

  7. Prepare the sewing machine for decorative stitching, select the Hemstitching pattern or other bold stitch pattern. Thread the machine with a contrasting thread color.

  8. Carefully stitch around the outside edge of each tan felt square, near the edge and through all the layers. Repeat for each additional design.

  9. Using the rotary cutting system carefully cut around each of the squares allowing a ½” border of black felt on all sides of the squares.

  10. Lay out the squares onto the golden burlap. Rearranging until a desirable design is achieved. Pin the squares in place once the arrangement is confirmed.

  11. Cut the burlap to the correct size, allowing a minimum of two inches around all sides.

    1. Fringe the edges of the burlap by removing threads to about one inch.

  12. Pin the burlap (with the squares pinned in place) to a panel of black felt. Allow at least 1” of black felt showing on the sides and bottom, and at least 3½” at the top edge.

  13. Stitch the black felt edges of the embroidered designs in place, through all layers of felt and burlap. Again, use the Hemstitch and contrasting thread.

  14. Stitch the burlap layer to the black felt. Stitch near the edge where the fringe begins on the two sides and the bottom edge. The top edge will be stitched in the following ste

  15. Using the rotary cutting system, cut the black felt panel to the correct size. Allow a 1” border on both sides and the bottom edge and 3½” at the top edge.

  16. Fold the top edge of the black felt to the wrong side of the wall hanging, forming a casing for the wooden dowel rod. Allow 1” of the black felt to remain showing on the front s

    Pin all of the layers together. Stitch casing from the front side of the wall hanging, so that the fringe can be stitched as it was on the sides and bottom edges.

  17. Measure the width of the casing. Cut the wooden dowel rod 2” shorter than the width of the casing measurement.

    1. Insert the dowel rod into the casing. Stitch the two ends of the casing closed.

  18. To hang the wall hanging, find the exact center of the wall hanging and mark with a water soluble marker. Center a saw-tooth picture hanger over the marking.

    1. Hand-stitch the picture hanger to the felt, through the back layer of felt only.

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