Don't have much time and want to grab a quick bottle of wine or a candle before a holiday party or housewarming? Make this easy gift bag with your Baby Lock serger. This gift can be customized to the size of your gift, just pick festive and fun fabrics and sew away to create this fast present! Download printable instructions.


  • Two coordinating fabrics:
  • 13” x 18” for outside of gift bag
  • 13” x 18” for inside of gift bag
  • 4 spools Maxi Lock to coordinate with chosen fabric
  • 1 yard of ¼” satin ribbon


  • Baby Lock serger


  1. Thread the serger for a four-thread stitch.

  2. Place the outside bag fabric and the lining right sides together and serge across one of the 13” sides.

  3. Open the fabrics outward and refold lengthwise with right sides together.

  4. Fold the ribbon or decorative cord in half.

    1. Place the cord inside the folded fabric so that it is touching the outer fabric 6” down from the center seam and the fold of the cord is touching the raw edges.

  5. Serge the raw edges of the lengthwise seam together starting with the outer fabric and serging off the fabric 3” before the end.

    1. Make sure you only catch the fold of the cord in the seam.

  6. Leaving a one-inch gap, serge the rest of the side seam closed.

  7. Open out the tube you just created so the seam is centered.

  8. Serge across the end.

  9. Repeat for the opposite end.

  10. Pull the corners into a point and measure approximately one inch in from the point.

  11. Serge the point off and repeat for the other corner and the opposite side.

  12. Turn the bag right side out through the 1” opening left in the lining side seam.

  13. Push the lining into the outer fabric and fold the top down three inches into a cuff.

  14. Bring the ribbon or cord ends around and tie.

    1. Note: For a personalized touch, embroider the solid fabric before assembling the gift bag.

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