Project Little Girl’s Knit Serger Dress

By Milinda Stephenson

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Create this simple little girl’s knit dress with contrasting band hem, and sash using your Baby Lock serger.




  1. Follow the instructions for dress construction according to your chosen pattern. Do not hem.

  2. To create contrasting hem band:

    1. Measure placement for hem.

    2. Measure and cut perimeter of dress bottom 4” above desired hem placement.

    3. Measure the length of this fabric piece. It should measure four inches wide by the length of the hem perimeter.

    4. Cut one piece of contrasting knit fabric 8 ½” x the above fabric length. This will be folded in half to create your hem band.

    5. Fold in half to create a fabric piece 4 1/4” x the hem perimeter. Press.

    6. Place raw edges and right sides together around dress bottom.

    7. Use a 4-thread serger to serge band to dress bottom using a quarter inch seam.

    8. Press, and you have a lovely banded hem.

  3. To create the sash:

    1. To create a 2” wide sash, cut your fabric 4 ½” x 36”

    2. Fold vertically and press lightly creating a 2 ¼” x 36” strip

    3. Using a 4 thread overlock stitch, serge ¼” seam down the doubled 36” strip creating a 36” tube.

    4. Turn tube right side out and press well.

    5. Set your serger to a three-thread rolled hem and hem the ends of your sash.

    6. To create interest before you serge, cut each sash end at an angle, then hem with three-thread rolled hem.

  4. To create loops for sash:

    1. Set your serger for three-thread narrow stitch

    2. Thread with threads that match your fabric

    3. Stitch a chain at least 16” long

    4. Cut the 16” chain in half

    5. Fold each 8” chain in half and knot creating a 3” loop

    6. Center sash on center bodice seam to measure placement of loops

    7. Hand sew top of knotted loop to top of sash at side seams.

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