Fresh green embroidery accented with a machine appliqued shamrock will make this pillow the center of attention on St. Patrick’s Day!




  1. Cut a 13” x 22” piece of white cotton for the center panel of the pillow. Cut the same size piece of heavy weight stabilizer (felt).

  2. Mark the center of both the width (22”) and the height (13”) of the white cotton panel.

  3. Lightly spray the stabilizer (felt) with the spray adhesive. Place the white cotton panel on top of the felt and smooth away any wrinkles.

  4. Mark the placement of the “L” and the “cky” on the white cotton panel.

    To do so, the stitched centers of the letter “L” and the letters “cky” are 3 ¼” from the center marking of the panel. The opening between the letters allows for the placement of the appliqued shamrock. Note: the “cky” letters are ½” below the center line. This allowed for a more pleasing alignment of the entire word.

  5. Prepare the embroidery machine to embroider the letters “cky” on the white cotton panel.

    Hoop the panel and the felt together. Attach the hoop to the machine and confirm the letters “cky” placement on the panel before embroidering.

  6. Remove the hoop and reposition it to embroider the letter “L”.

    Again, check the placement of the “L” before stitching. Reminder: the centers of the “L” and the “cky” are 6 ½” apart. Remove the hoop and set the panel aside.

  7. Create the shamrock, which replaces the letter “u” on the pillow panel. Begin by hooping a piece of tear-a-way stabilizer.

  8. Using an USB, import the shamrock applique pattern. Attach the hoop to the machine.

  9. Stitch out the shamrock applique.

  10. Remove the shamrock from the hoop, gently remove the stabilizer from the back, and apply a piece of fusible webbing to the back of the shamrock. Cut out the shamrock applique.

  11. Fuse the shamrock to the white cotton panel replacing the letter “u”.

  12. Pin the quilt batting to the back of the pillow top. Quilt the pillow top by stitching-in-the-ditch, diagonally along each row.

  13. Pin the rick rack in the middle of every other diagonal row. Stitch the rick rack in place down the center of the rick rack with matching thread.

  14. Pin the pompom ball fringe to the outside edge of the pillow top, the balls should face towards the center of the pillow at this point.

  15. Cut a piece of fabric for the back of the pillow measuring 16 ¼” x 16 ¼”.

  16. Pin the pillow front to back.

    The pillow front will have to be shifted to align properly since the pompom ball trim does not allow the pillow to lay flat when right sides are placed together. Pinning will make it easier to keep the pompom balls out of way when stitching the seam allowance.

  17. Once the front is pinned, stitch the seams together using a 1/4” seam allowance. Leave an 8” opening at the bottom edge to allow for turning the pillow right sides out.

  18. Turn out the pillow top and insert the pillow form.

  19. Tuck the remaining seam inside of the pillow and stitch the remaining seam closed.

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