Project Sparkle Applique Pillow

By Elizabeth Cecchettini

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Fabulous accent pieces are what give a room a designer look. Add an appliquéd pillow with a tiny bit of sparkle and watch the whole room light up! You can applique on any sewing machine, and once you learn, you'll applique everything! Download printable instructions.


  • 5/8 yard of 45" background fabric
  • 5/8 yard of 54" large print fabric for appliqué
  • ½ yard of paper backed fusible webbing
  • 5/8 yard of 1" wide hook and loop tape
  • Embroidery thread, kiwi green and purple
  • Hot fix wand and hot fix crystals
  • 20" pillow form
  • Thread


  • Baby Lock Molly Sewing Machine


  1. Select a design motif from the large print fabric. Fuse the webbing to the back of the motif. Cut the design out.

  2. Cut an 18" x 18" square from the background fabric to be used for the front of the pillow

  3. Fuse the motif to the center of the pillow front.

  4. Set the sewing machine for a zig zag stitch and shorten the stitch length to create a satin stitch with a width of 3. Stitch the entire outline of the motif.

  5. Reset the machine to a wider satin stitch of 3.5, and a slightly shorter stitch length. Re-stitch over the previously stitched satin stitches.

    1. This will fill in and build up the stitching line.

  6. Set the machine for stretch stitch “G” or a blindstitch, the length is 2.5 and the width is 4.

    1. Re-thread the machine with purple thread and stitch over the satin stitches.

  7. Select a layout for the crystals and fuse them to the appliqué, according to the manufacturers instructions.

  8. Cut out the back of the pillow from the remaining large print fabric.

    1. It will be cut in two separate pieces to allow for the insertion of the hook and loop tape. First piece will measure 18" x 18" and a second piece 4" x 18".

  9. Fold first piece (18" x 18") under 1 ½" along the width of the pillow back. Stitch one side of the hook and loop tape to the underside of the pillow along the folded edge.

  10. Fold the second piece (4" x 18") under 1", along the width as well. Stitch the second half of the hook and loop tape to the right side of the fabric, along the folded edge.

  11. Lay the two pieces of the back together and press the hook and loop tape closed. Baste the ends of the hook and loop tape together, through all the layers.

  12. With the right sides of the pillow front and back facing, pin the fabric together. Stitch a ½" seam around the entire edge of the pillow. Trim the corners, for turning.

  13. Open the hook and loop tape and turn the pillow right sides facing out.

  14. Insert the pillow form and close the hook and loop tape.

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