Project Monkey Wrench Sue and Sam Quilt

By Paula Spoon

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Red and white is the theme for these redwork Sunbonnet Sue and Sam designs by Amazing Designs. The quilt blocks really feature the embroidery, perfect for a baby quilt, a wall hanging, or a lap quilt. Finished size of this quilt is 31” x 45”. Download printable instructions.


  • Red print on white: 1-2/3 yards
  • White dot on red: ¼ yard
  • White print on red: ¼ yard
  • 1-1/2 yards White fabric for the blocks, borders, and triangles
  • 1-2/3 yards backing fabric
  • Warm and Natural cotton low loft batting
  • Free motion/quilting foot
  • Walking foot
  • ¼” foot for sewing machine
  • Tear-Away 1 oz. Light weight stabilizer
  • Madeira Rayon machine embroidery thread
  • 12” square quilting ruler
  • Wash a 50 wt. machine quilting threadway blue marking pen
  • Sewing thread to match fabric colors
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors, Rotary cutter and mat
  • Curved Basting Pens for Quilts
  • Straight Pins


  • Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machine
  • Amazing Designs: ADP-150J: Sunbonnet Sue and Sam collection


  1. NOTE: When cutting the strips and blocks for the quilt, the selvage edge must be cut away before making any cuts into the strips.

    1. Construction will be done using ¼” seam allowance throughout the piecing.

    2. Pressing is a must when piecing a quilt. Seams are not pressed open. They are pressed to one side.

    3. When piecing, each end of the seam must face in the same direction or you will have a small lump when the seam is turned.

    4. If you are using the seam as a quilting guide later on, the quilting will not follow nicely along the bumpy seams.

    5. When matching seams, one seam should face one direction and the other seam should face the other.

  2. Cut the white fabric into squares that will fit in your embroidery hoop. Ensure that the fabric is at least 8” x 8” or larger.

    1. After embroidery, the squares will be cut down to 8” square.

  3. Hoop the white fabric square and the stabilizer; sew out the Sue and Sam embroidery designs. Designs used in this quilt are: 101, 103, 107, 109, 110, and 117.

  4. Remove from hoop and cut the embroidered fabric to be 8” x 8” square.

  5. Remove stabilizer from the back of the block.

  6. Cutting Instructions: Red and white side strips around the blocks:

    1. Cut 4 Red print strips – 1-½” x 45”

    2. Cut 4 White strips – 1-½” x 45”

    3. Sew one red strip and white strip right sides together, lengthwise. Repeat with the other set of strips. Leaving the strips right sides together, cut to 8” lengths.

    4. Press the blocks open.

  7. Corners: (2-1/2” triangles)

    1. Cut 2 Red with white dot strips 3” x 45”

    2. Cut 2 White strips 3” x 45”

  8. Place one red strip and one white strip right sides together.

    1. Cut into 3” x 6” sections. You will need 12 sections for 24 triangle blocks.

    2. After cutting into 3” x 6” sections, draw a line down the center with a marking pen.

    3. From the top corners to the center line draw a diagonal line, then sew ¼” away from the solid diagonal lines.

    4. Cut along the solid lines to separate the blocks. Press each block open.

  9. Red on white corner blocks: Cut 1 strip red print on white 3” x 45”. This will be cut into twelve – 3” squares.

  10. White border strips: Cut 6 strips white solid 3” x 45”. These will then be cut into 17 – 3” x 11-3/4” strips.

    a. Cut 6 strips white solid 3” x 45”. These will then be cut into 17 – 3” x 11-3/4” strips.

  11. Sew a red strip and white strip to the top of the block. Then sew a red and white strip to the bottom of the block.

  12. Press the seams toward the red strip.

  13. Sew a red and white triangle corner block on both ends of a red and white strip, being careful to watch the position of the red triangles.

  14. Press the seams toward the red and white strips.

    1. Always remember when seams come together, one seam should be pressed in the opposite direction of the other. Be sure to check both ends of the seam

  15. Sew these side strips to the block. Create five more blocks.

    1. Pin the 3 rows of red corner blocks and white sashing to the quilt block rows. Press seams.

  16. To piece the quilt, layout the quilt blocks, white sash pieces and the red corner blocks on a flat surface.

    1. Pin the white sash pieces to the top and bottom of the quilt blocks following the layout below. Sew together.

    2. Press seams.

    3. Pin the red corner blocks to the white sash pieces and sew. You will have a total of 3 rows sewn.

    4. Press seams.

  17. Layering the Quilt:

    1. Place the quilt backing wrong side up.

    2. Place the batting in the center of the quilt backing.

    3. Place the quilt top in the center of the quilt batting.

    4. Pin all three layers together using the special curved quilt pens.

  18. Quilting the Quilt:

    1. Using the walking foot attachment for your machine, sew along the seam lines that were created when piecing the blocks and rows together.

    2. You can also free motion quilt in the sash and block areas. This will require a free motion foot and lowering the feed dogs of your machine.

  19. Binding the Quilt:

    1. Trim any excess batting that is past the quilt top.

    2. Trim the backing to 1-1/2” past the quilt top.

    3. Fold the quilt backing over the top of the quilt. Pin in place.

    4. Hand sew the binding in place.

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