The dress shirt cuff is a very subtle place to place a personalized monogram. With the use of MonogramWorks from Designer’s Gallery, the task just got easier when customizing a gift for dad or private school uniforms. Download printable instructions.


  • Purchased shirt
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Madeira embroidery thread


  • Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machine
  • MonogramWorks by Designer’s Gallery®
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Soft stabilizer


  1. To set up the workspace, click on Menu View and select Hoops from the dropdown. Select the 100mm x 100mm hoop and click OK.

  2. To create the monogram, follow the next set of steps:

    1. Click on the Create Monogram icon.

    2. Click on the Monogram tab in the Properties field

    3. Type in your initials or monogram.

    4. Under the font field, click on the down arrow and select the Bold Cursive font or font of your choice.

    5. Rely on the default settings for all of the remaining fields.

    6. To resize the letters, click on any one of the black boxes in the corners and drag inward to make the letters smaller.

    7. Click on the Center tool to place the lettering in the center of the hoop.

    8. To print out a template for placement of the design, click on the Print icon.

  3. To save the design, click on the Save icon and save to the media source or to your hard drive in the format that your machine will read.

  4. Hoop the stabilizer in the 100mm x 100mm hoop and spray with the temporary spray adhesive.

  5. Pin the template to the shirt cuff so that the monogram is facing away from the wearer.

    1. Placing the template 1 3/8” to the right of the buttonhole and ¼” above the cuff edge.

  6. Retrieve the saved design.

  7. Line up the needle over the cross marks on the template.

  8. Remove the template and embroider the monogrammed design using Madeira thread.

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