Looking for a cute and easy gift for a fellow sewer? Or just want to make a quick project to add a little extra personality to your sewing room? Make this fun pincushion and matching needle case! Keep your most important sewing tools at arm’s reach and organized at all times! Download printable instructions and star template.


  • 5 fat assorted fat quarters
  • 1 scrap of felt
  • 18” Rickrack
  • 26” length of ¼” wide ribbon
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Madeira® Cotona thread
  • ¼” Quilting Foot
  • Polyester fiber fill
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. For the needle case:

    1. Cut one rectangle 6” x 10” from the exterior of the needle case.

    2. Cut one rectangle 4 ½” x 6 ½” from another fabric for the inside pocket.

    3. Cut another rectangle 4 ½” x 8 ½” of another print for the lining of the needle case.

    4. Cut one section 2 ½” x 3” from the felt for the needle holder.

    5. Cut one rectangle 6” x 10” of fusible interfacing.

    6. Fuse the interfacing to the backside of the 6” x 10” exterior fabric section. Set aside.

    7. Taking the 4 ½” x 6 ½” pocket section and fold in half with wrong sides together so that it measures 4 ½” x 3 ¼”. Press.

    8. Thread the machine with a contrasting thread color that coordinates with your fabrics. Select a straight stitch and top-stitch along the folded edge.

    9. Place the pocket on one end of the (4 ½” x 8 ½”) lining rectangle section. Align the raw edges and pin. Sew down the center of the pocket to make two pockets.

    10. Pin and sew the felt rectangle to the center on the opposite end of the lining section. Topstitch around the outer edge of the felt to secure.

    11. Cut the rickrack in half lengthwise and pin each section on the long edge of the 6” x 10”exterior section. Align the rickrack edge with the fabric edge. Baste in place.

    12. To create the ties, cut the ribbon in half. Place one ribbon length to each centered end with right sides facing. Align the ribbon edges and pin. Baste to secure.

    13. With right sides facing, pin the lining and the exterior section together. Attach the ¼” foot and sew around the outer edges, leaving a 3” opening on a long side. Trim the corners.

    14. Turn the needle case right side out through the opening and press. Slip stitch the opening closed.

  2. For the pin cushion:

    1. Using the smaller attached template cut out 5 sections from 5 different fabrics that were used for the needle case. These sections will form the front of the pin cushion.

    2. Cut out one section for the back from the larger of the two attached templates.

    3. Piece the five sections together two at a time along the straight sides. On the last section leave a small opening for stuffing and for turning. Press the seams open.

    4. With right sides together, sew the pieced front to the back section. Sew a ¼” seam allowance around the outer edge. Clip and trim to reduce bulk at the points and corners.

    5. Turn the pin cushion right side out through the opening.

    6. Stuff the pin cushion with the fiber fill to the desired firmness.

    7. Slip stitch the opening closed.

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