Anyone fascinated with creatures found under the sea will love this soft and squishy plushie. This octopus stuffed animal is perfect for the marine animal lover in your life, and can be made by following a simple pattern. Great for beginners, this project is a fun way to get to know your new Baby Lock Zeal sewing machine! Download printable instructions.


  • ½ Yard of Cuddle® fabric print from Shannon Fabrics
  • ½ Yard of white Cuddle fabric from Shannon Fabric
  • Attached templates
  • Fiber Fill
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for sewing
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock® Zeal sewing machine


  1. Print and then cut out the enclosed templates.

  2. Cut out the number of sections as shown on the templates.

  3. Set up the machine for sewing, using a ¼” seam allowance throughout

  4. Sew the six sections together to form the body of the octopus. With right sides together, sew two sets of three sections together along one of the curved edges. Pin the sections together.

    1. Tip: Place the pins very close together to secure the fabric while you are stitching. There should be very little slipping.

    2. Of course remove the pins before you sew the sections together. Finger press the seams open

  5. Sew the pairs together to make one continuous body section. Turn the body section right side out. Set aside.

  6. With right sides together, sew each of the limb sections together by taking one white limb section and one print limb section.

    1. Sew the limb sections together leaving the short side open. Create eight limb sections.

    2. Option: we did not stuff the limbs but, if you wish to stuff the limbs with fiber fill leave a 2” opening along one of the straight sides for stuffing.

  7. Turn the right sides out on all of the eight limbs.

  8. With the print side of the fabrics together, place the limbs to the body of the octopus. Space the limbs ¾” apart around the body of the octopus. Stitch the limbs to the body.

  9. Turn the octopus wrong side out and tuck the legs inside the body.

  10. Fold the round bottom section in half vertically and horizontally; finger press to create creases.

  11. Pin the round bottom section to the bottom raw edge of the body; match the creases with the four of the seam lines on the body. Pin spacing very close together.

  12. Stitch around the circle using a ¼” seam allowance and leaving a 2” opening for turning.

  13. Turn the octopus right side out and stuff the body firmly with the fiberfill. Hand-stitch the opening closed. Stuff the limbs then hand-stitch the openings closed.

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