Update a plain pillowcase into the focal point of any room! Fussy cut the leaf pattern from your fabric and apply the design with the Baby Lock Aventura II Sewing and Embroidery Machine and one of the built-in blanket stitches. Then make the pillowcase really pop by adding the big bold print to the cuff. Download printable instructions.


  • Baby Lock Fusible Appliqué Stabilizer (BLEX1112)
  • Purchased standard sized pillowcases
  • 1 Yard of large print cotton fabric with obvious leaf shapes
  • Madeira® Cotona sewing thread to coordinate with the chosen fabric
  • Bobbin thread
  • Water soluble marking pen



  1. Cut off the cuff on each of the pillowcases at the seam line.

  2. Open the seam on one of the long edges on the pillowcase. This will make it easier to apply the appliqué flower petals to the center of the pillowcases.

  3. Fuse the Baby Lock Fusible Appliqué Stabilizer to the backside of the leaf fabric.

  4. Fussy cut around the leaves. In the sample, ten leaves were used to create the flower.

    1. The size of the leaves will determine the number of leaves that will be needed in the project.

    2. Cut out two 2 ½” circle sections for the flower centers.

    3. These should be cut from the fused appliquéd fabric.

  5. On the font side of the pillowcase, place the leaves to create a flower shape. Rearrange as needed for perfect placement.

    1. Remove the backing paper from the fused leaf sections and finger press onto the pillowcase.

  6. Set up the machine for sewing:

    1. Select the appliqué stitch.

    2. Adjust the stitch length to 3.5mm and the width to 4mm.

    3. Thread the machine with the Madeira Cotona thread.

    4. Place a bobbin in the bobbin case.

  7. Appliqué around the outer edge on each of the leaves so that the straight edge of stitching ride along the outer edge of the appliqué leaf section.

    1. Repeat for all of the petals.

    2. Place the fused circle in the middle of the flower so that it is covering the leaf tips on each of the petals.

    3. Appliqué around the outside edge using the appliqué stitch.

  8. To create the new cuff on the pillowcase, cut two 9” wide sections across the wide of the fabric.

  9. Fold each of the sections in half lengthwise and press to create a 4 ½” wide cuff.

  10. Using a ½” seam allowance, attach the cuff to the pillowcase with the raw edges even.

    1. Trim as needed.

    2. Overcast the edges to stop the seam from unraveling.

    3. Then stitch the side seam following the same directions.

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