This apron is quick and easy to make, especially when using the innovative features on the Baby Lock Destiny. It makes a great gift for friends and family who love being in the kitchen. It can be turned into a crafter’s apron, too. Download printable instructions.


  • Several assorted print fabrics
  • Coordinating striped cotton print for main section of apron
  • White muslin for backing
  • Madeira® cotton sewing thread


  • Baby Lock Destiny II


  1. Set the machine up for sewing.

  2. With right sides together, randomly piece two rows of 26 2” squares sections together using a ¼” seam allowance.

  3. Press the seams in the same directions.

  4. Piece the two rows together to form the bottom edge of the apron.

  5. Press the seam downward.

  6. Sew the quilted section to the bottom edge of the striped section. Trim edges to measure 39” wide.

  7. Using a ½” seam allowance, sew the apron front section to the white muslin section around the outer edge leaving a 4” opening on the top edge for turning.

  8. Trim each of the corners and turn right side out. Whipstitch the opening closed. Press.

  9. To gather the top edge on the apron, machine baste 1½” from the top edge. Pull each end of the bobbin thread to gather to the desired width. Secure the threads.

  10. To create the apron waistband and strings, piece together the 4” x 40” strips to make one long 80” long section.

    1. Fold the section lengthwise in half and sew along the long edge. Turn right side out.

    2. Refold while centering the seam in the center back of the strip. Press. Fold in ½” on each of the ends and stitch ¼” of the edges.

  11. Center and pin the waistband centered over the gathered line of stiches on the apron section.

    1. Adjust the gathers evenly. The top edge of the apron will have the gathers peeking over the top edge of the waistband.

  12. Sew four rows of stiches using the presser width as your guide along the waistband.

  13. Attach the dual-feed foot to the machine and select the quilting category.

    1. Select the Serpentine stitch.

    2. Adjust the width to the maximum setting of 7mm.

    3. Activate the Guide Beam.

    4. Stitch four rows along the bottom pieced section of the apron using the needle guide beam to sew evenly spaced stitched lines.

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