Share your love of quilting by making this ruffled heart quilt for a loved one. This fun and fast quilt will sew together in only a few short hours and will decorate your house for Valentine's Day or your sweet little one's room. Download printable heart template and printable instructions.


  • Madeira Aerofil all-purpose thread to match fabrics
  • Five fat quarters for hearts and binding
  • 1 Yard lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 2 1/2 Yards cotton fabric
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • 28" x 40" Batting
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Pins


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine
  • Ruffling foot (optional)


  1. Cut four 9" x 12" pieces from main cotton fabric.

  2. Cut one 28" x 40" piece from main cotton fabric.

  3. Print template (attached below) and then trace the heart shapes onto the wrong side of the small fabric pieces using chalk.

  4. With right sides facing, position the pieces on the background fabric in the desired locations. The chalk lines should be facing up.

  5. Stitch around the heart shape through all layers following the lines.

  6. Optional: You can choose to add the swirl flourish to one or more of the heart shapes if desired.

  7. Cut slit through both layers inside the heart shape. Trim the center of the heart out leaving a small seam allowance. Clip the curves to, but not through, the stitching lines.

  8. Turn and press the lining to the wrong side through the center of the heart shape.

  9. Repeat this process for the other three hearts. Your main quilting fabric will appear to have four heart shaped "windows" at this point.

  10. Cut four 9" x 12" pieces from the interfacing.

  11. Cut the fat quarters in half lengthwise and sew a seam so they are now 9" x 44" long.

  12. Attach the ruffling foot to the machine and select a center position straight stitch.

  13. Adjust your ruffling foot so it is set on 4 stitches per inch and a medium ruffle depth.

  14. Ruffle the length of the printed fabric on both long sides.

  15. Adjust and smooth the ruffles out by hand and position the ruffled fabric on the fusible interfacing so the wrong side of the fabric touches the fusible side.

  16. Press and fuse the ruffled fabric to the interfacing to keep the ruffles in the desired location and fullness pattern.

  17. Repeat for the remaining ruffles.

  18. Optional: You can choose to hand fold pleats in the printed fabric as well. Pleating may require additional project time.

  19. Place one ruffled section under the main fabric piece so the ruffles are visible in the heart shaped frame.

  20. Stitch along the edge of the heart shape to hold the ruffled section in position. Repeat for the remaining heart shapes.

  21. Trim away excess ruffled fabric from the back to reduce bulk.

  22. Layer the remaining cotton fabric, batting and the heart quilt top.

  23. Using a ruler and chalk, mark vertical rows of evenly spaced lines for the quilting. This is a great way to keep all the layers together while adding an element of texture to the quilt.

  24. Once the quilting lines are complete, press the quilt, and trim away the excess batting and backing fabric.

  25. With the remaining fat quarter, cut 2" bias strips and sew them together to create one complete long strip.

  26. Sew one edge of the binding along the edge of the quilt, folding and mitering the corners as you go. Overlap the ends.

  27. Wrap the binding around the edge of the quilt and fold under the raw edge. Hand or machine stitch the binding in place.

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