Project Long Arm Quilted Ruler Table Runner

By Amy Ellis

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Creating this table runner on the longarm is a great opportunity to gain confidence in quilting with rulers and a fun finish!


  • Jelly Roll or Fabric Scraps
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Batting
  • Backing Fabric



  1. Cut 12 rectangles, 2 1/2” x 14 1/2”.

  2. Cut 7 rectangles, 2 1/2” x 20”, and strip piece side by side at the sewing machine. Press the seam allowances open to reduce bulk.

    a) From the strip pieced unit, cut 2 segments at 6 1/2” x 14 1/2”, and 1 segment at 4 1/2” x 14 1/2”.

  3. At the longarm load the backing fabric, with batting.

    a.) Add basting stitches around the perimeter of the backing to keep the batting from shifting, and three or four additional vertical basted seams at intervals throughout the backing. b.) Using the channel lock will add a way to double check square as you work.

  4. Start at left side of the batting place a 2 1/2” x 14 1/2” rectangle, right side up, vertically.

    a.) Then add a second rectangle right sides together, using 10-12 stitches per inch, stitch 1/4” away from the right edge of the pair. b.) Finger press the top rectangle over the seam sewn, and baste the left side of the first rectangle, and the top and bottom of both rectangles. c.) Add quilting to the first two rectangles before continuing.

  5. Right sides together, add a 6 1/2” x 14 1/2” segment to the right side of the pair of rectangles, using 10-12 stitches per inch, stitch 1/4” away from the right edge.

    a.) Finger press, baste, and quilt as desired.

  6. Continue in the same manner using rulers and basting stitches to construct the table runner at the long arm, using the image below to determine fabric placement.

    • My runner is 14” wide, depending on the throat length of your machine, you may adjust the size of your runner to fit.
    • I also considered making a baby quilt this way, by piecing a section of a quilt as shown above in the center of a larger backing. I would then add yardage above and below the pieced unit to create a 40” x 40” baby quilt.
  7. Bind as desired.

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