Have a ton of holiday sewing to do and not a lot of time to do it? Large holiday projects come together in a snap with a jumbo embroidery frame and a multi-needle embroidery machine! Use the Baby Lock Palette 9 or newer software and a Baby Lock multi-needle embroidery machine to split and embroider this Santa placemat design with ease. Don't have a multi-needle machine? You can create these cute placemats on any embroidery machine, but it may just take a bit more time. Download printable instructions.


  • 1 Yard white cotton print
  • 1 Yard Christmas print
  • 1 Yard Christmas print for binding and backing
  • Madeira® sewing and embroidery thread
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Firm Stabilizer (BLT103-20)
  • Low loft batting
  • Temporary spray adhesive


  • Baby Lock® Enterprise embroidery machine
  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine
  • Baby Lock Palette 9.0
  • Promotional Holiday Exclusive Embroidery Design Collection
  • Baby Lock Walking Foot


  1. Open the Baby Lock Palette 9.0 program.

  2. Click on Import files from File and open the folder from the CD. Retrieve design number BLH12c.pes. This is the largest Santa design.

    1. The design will automatically be placed in the middle of the frame. With the import field open, retrieve 2 copies of design number BLH18b.pes.

    2. This is the second largest poinsettia frame design. Click on the Arrange tab and click on Flip Vertically for both designs.

    3. For only one of the poinsettia designs, click on the Flip Horizontally tool. Move each of the designs above Santa

  3. To save the design to the machine, click on the Send icon on the Home tab and select the option Send to the Machine.

  4. Hoop the Baby Lock Tear-Away Firm stabilizer along with a 21” square piece of the white print fabric in the Jumbo frame (360mm x 360mm).

    1. Attach the hoop to the embroidery bracket.

  5. Select the first half of the design.

    1. Embroider using the thread colors that have been assigned from the manufacturer. After the first half of the design is embroidered follow the prompts on the screen.

    2. Retrieve the second half of the design and again follow the prompts. Embroider the design.

  6. Repeat the embroidery for additional placemats.

  7. Cut the embroidered section to 14” x 10”.

  8. From the second Christmas print fabric cut two 1½” wide strips across the width of the fabric for the inside sash. Fold the strips lengthwise in half with wrong sides together and press.

  9. Place the raw edge of the folded strip to the top and bottom edges of the embroidered section and attach using a ¼” seam allowance. Repeat for the sides.

  10. From the first print fabric, cut two strips across the width of the fabric that measure 3” wide.

    1. With right sides together sew the strips to the top and bottom edges. Repeat for the sides. Press the seams outward in the same directions.

  11. For the backing and the batting fabrics, cut one section each that is 2” larger around than the embroidered section.

    1. Sandwich the batting between the front and the back section. To hold the sections in place, lightly spray with the temporary spray adhesive.

  12. Attach the walking foot to the sewing machine and quilt the layers together by stitching in the ditch through the seam lines.

  13. To create the binding for the placemat, cut two 2½” wide strips across the width of the fabric from the second Christmas print fabric.

    1. Sew the two strip ends together to make one continuous strip. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the wrong sides facing and press.

    2. Starting on one of the long sides, place the strip on the front of the placemat down 4” from the corner with the raw edges even.

    3. Sew the binding to the placemat starting 3” in from the end of the bias strip.

    4. To create the 45˚ corner, stop sewing ¼” from the corner; fold the bias up and over the end corner and crease the fold.

    5. Fold the bias strip down over the corner so that the edge of the bias is even with the edge on the next side of the placemat. Continue to sew in place.

    6. Repeat this step for the remaining corners. After you turn the last corner, cut off the excess length on the bias strip and tuck the end inside at the starting point.

    7. Continue to sew the bias in place. Fold the bias strip to the back side of the placemat and hand sew to secure.

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